now the party don't start til' I walk in

Klara Vappen, as you say in Finland today. As you see I dressed up as Kesha. Höhöh. And I even won a prise, go me! Now some pll and then over for the entire night to our friend family, so long as my friends will party. I always miss everything fun...


First of all I wanna thank the 2 of you who actually helped me decided what Im going to be tomorrow. I don't wan't to tell you what Im going to be, so you'll see tomorrow. If I find my camera, heheh. And the mix thing for the wedding, is not even close being ready. I still got 3 weeks/weekends.. And 2 of the weekends Im away. Great. Sweet dreams!

Sunday and then comes monday


I decided to stay over the night at ellens place. But I had to come early home becuase we had to go to my cousins birthday party. And now Im home trying to mix some songs together for a wedding and my computer doesn't wan't me to do it. Argh. Well people I would appreciate if you'd comment on the post of the dressing up thing. hihihi.



Okay so here's the deal. On monday we celebrate in Finland this thing called Vappu. Don't know why we celebrate it but we do. And we're suppoused to dress up in shcool to something. And I don't know what to dress up like. Im between dressing up as: Britney Spears, a Sailor, Lady Gaga.. So I kind of have no idea what to do. Please help me! Comment what you think I should dress up as, and come up with new ideas!!

in a nutshell


Yesterday I used my new shirt from Zara which I bought last weeks friday! Hihihi. I'll show you better pics when I found my camera. We celebrate Ellas&Pandas birthday first with a couple of girls and then people started coming. I had a fun night, though I had to leave early. Thanks to all of you! Here's a picture from last night with my new shirt on. And yes it's taken with a fisheye zoom. So no worrys, my ass doesn't look like that.

Today I took besite to a spa, to celebrate her birthday. Little bit late.. It was so nice, I'll show you pics from my iphone some day. Soon Im going to Ellen to watch movies and contiuning our bff day.
Sorry for the novel guys..

almost friday

Hola people! I know I haven't been so good at blogging these last day. But I have a good excause, I've been reading to my test which is tomorrow! And I still need to read a bit. So I just wanted you to know that Im not dead and something like that. And by the way I got a interview to explorious!! Hihihi so excited, soon I'll know if Im going or not (as an exchange student).

that outfit... I WANT!!


to die for!

tuesday morning

Just letting you know, I need to read to my test today and tomorrow and that's why I won't be blogging so much. Or atleast trying so I get a good grade in this test. Shalom

let it rain over me


So had spanish test today, which went okay I guess. Then I had a surprise national math test, and it was interesting. Did some of the tasks, but the rest I had to guess. I so hate this day. It has been raining since morning, and I still have to drive to my dance lesson. Some how Im not waiting for that. I usually love when it rains, but today it's just irritating.


Boombang and the school day was over. Trying to read to my spanish test, which is tomorrow, but some how Im not interested to read. Yesterday I aplied to Explorious as an exchange student. Hhihiih. And in about 20minutes Im going to listen to an online thing about EF. So if Im not satisfied with Explorious I'll will aply through STS or EF as well. But now I have to go back to my book. See you

photo boom


Feels like summer is coming! Woke up and went for a run, that was needed. Then drove to Leppävaara to hang out with Danne and Ella joined at the end. Plus we watched my sisters final match, and they won GOLD!! I'll let the pictures tell the rest. About the outfit then: jacket-Sofias, Pants-drdemin, shoes-fredperry, top-HM, bag-lacoste, bandeu-ginatricot.

beautiful girls, right?

At Soffis place! What happens tonight? Don't know, but Im gonna have fun either way.



Soon off to meet Ella! Hihihi have a lovely saturday guys.


Name: Jennica
Piercings: i öronsnibbarna. Men planerar en till i snar framtid
Tatues: Not yet, but maybe some day. Just maybe
Length: 167 cm
Shoe size: 38-39
Hair color: naturally blond, right now light brown
Motto: Be how you are, because there's no one like you
Are you in love? Nope
Do you wish you'd live in an other country? Sometimes1
Do you think you look attractive? Sometimes, but usually no. I have more of those feel ugly and nasty than that I would feel beautiful.
Dro you drink? Everyday. Usually milk and juice
What are you scared of? Death, birds, loosing someone close and falling in love
Do you like rollercoasters? Love them!

Person you kissed?
don't remember
movie you bought? hall pass, knocked up, brides maids and paranormal activity 1
song you listened to? we found love
song you downloaded? honestly I don't remember
Person you called? Mum
Person who called you? Mum
TV-show you watched?
Pretty little liars
Person you thought of? My bestfriends

there are many
thing to do: spend time with my besties, party, travell, listen to music, watch TV/Moives
Sport: Dance, soccer and gym
Drink: fanta/sprite/7up/moutaindew/coke/pepsimax
Clothes: my new shirt from Zara (stay tuned next week!)
Movie: I almost like every movie I see... heheh.. so I don't have a favorite but some good ones are: titanic, american pie, new years eve, hungergames, twilight, harry potter.....
car: a black sportscar, where the dors goes up when you open them (don't know if you understood...)
Serie: Pll, Glee, Greys anatomy & desperet housewifes
Human: All my dearest

How many times have…
You been in love?
sad to say but never
Your heart has been broken? 1 time
Hearts been broken by you? one
You kissed a girl?
haahhaha... serious kisses: none
Your name has been in the news paper? about 5-8 times


Book you read?
The hunger games thriology
Person you recived a emil from? Don't know
Person you recived a letter from? Granny
Person you recived a sms? Nicole
Your hole family ate dinner together? Last weekend
Thing you bought? 4 movies, 1 shirt, pätkis ( chocolate candy bar) and cookies
Trip you were on? Thailand and Levi (a skiing place in finland)

What have you done today? School, pll and alot of candy
Was it fun? Could have been much better
Do you swear alot? Yes, specially when I get mad/frustraded/irritaded/sad there comes swear word between every real word.. Nothing that Im proud of.
When do you wake up?
Try to get up 1h before I have to leave, but on weekends I wake up when I wake up..
What are you wearing? very comfy trousers and a hoodie
What are you doing tonight? Watch 1-2 episodes pll and then sleep
Are you allergic to something? Nectarin
Do you use hairspray? Nope
Can you stand on your hands? I have been able to do it, and I can do it but I fall right a way.. ehhehe. So I don't know if you can call it standing on your hands

Salt or sugar? depends on the mood
Do you like ketchup? Not really
Are you happy right now? No, Im on a sad mood
Were you happy yesterday? Yesman
Stockholm is… ?
A lovely city
Gothenburg… ? hosts the best soccer tournament for the youth
Can you sing? sweet jesus. NO. but I still do it...
Country you wanna visit? USA, caribbean

could die to have these



Fridayfriday gonna get down on friday.. Im so hyped about the day being friday, but still Im home with no plans. Everyone else is some where with someone, and Im home watching pll. Great. But hope you guys are having a good friday!

on my mind

Do you know the feeling when something awful happens to your friend? The feeling when you can't breath because you know you should be by their side helping them? That's how I feel right now. I feel that I should be in many places comforting my friends.
Just to be there, holding their hand and tell them that everything's going to be alright. But I can't. I feel powerless. I hate to see my friends hurt or sad. It makes me sad and angry. Angry cause I know I can't do anything. That the power isn't in my hands. I try to make them laugh, smile and forget the bad things. But sometimes it just not enough.
When someone of my dearst has a bad day, I feel like it's my fault. Like I may have made them sad or angry. That it's my responsibility to make them happy, and make sure they don't get these days when they feel that everything goes wrong.
So when something bad happens to someone I care about. My world falls apart. Because I failed. I failed taking care of them. And now they're sad. Even if I know it's not my fault, it still feels like it is. It feels like my fault even if someone would get cancer. There's always something I could have done differently. I could have said something, that would have stopped for somethings to happen. It's my responsibility to take care of my friends, and make sure nothing bad happens to them. And when something happens, I feel powerless. Feeling powerless is a feeling I hate. In that moment I feel weak. I wasn't strong enough to protect them. It's alright to feel weak. But in my case, it just isn't. Because Im not suppoused to feel weak. I need to be strong for my friends. I need to be by their side, taking care of them. And I can't be weak. I need to be storng.
I wanna send to everyone that has trouble or something that just isn't going your way, big hugs! You all deserve happy lives. Don't let the bad stuff eat you up. Protect your closest and show your love for your dearest. In the end your gonna remember who was by your side, and who wasn't.

glee & pretty little liars


Mcdonalds, cookies, coffee and good company. That's how my day has looked like. Just did my sociology homework and can you guess what I'll do next? GLEE & PLL. Hahahha.



im with ellen in helsinki at a cafe right now! nicenice. here's some pictures from today

todays: fishnet, jeans and a loose top


Rise and shine readers! It's thursday today, 2 weeks until Im going to NYC and 1 day until weekend! This day Im gonnabe with besite. We're going to Hullut Päivät (which is a super sale in a department store called Stockman), if you translate it it's Crazy Days. Sorry for the poor pictures..

I want:

summer vacation
new clothes
to go to NYC
watch glee & pretty little liars

Here's a list of things I want at the moment. But now this little girl over here is going to bed. Kiss and hugs



My dearst friend Amanda, or Panda as I like to call her, has birthday today! Hihihihi. Hope you had a great birthday honey!!!!!!

come and save me

Met up with Linda today. IT WAS GREAT! Hadn't seen her for a long time. So we basically talked all the time and then went and watch my friends soccer game. Linda left and I continued watching the game with my old team mates. That's how my day has looked like.

It's easier


Got on a better mood after my dancehall fusion lesson. Just draw some pictures for my mother tongue book thing. Now some pll.

quick update


here's the first thongs I saw today, and theh became my outfit.

those pants..


The feeling you get when your mum wakes you up and tells you it snowing. So I had to trash the thought of the cute dress I planned to wear and to drive scooter.But luckily she woke me up on time, so I still have itme before my bus goes. YEY



I skipped the training part.. I WANT TO GO SO BADLY(as an exchange student!)! I just came home from the STS information thing, and it sounded really good. Still need to go to EFs and Explorious informaiton meetings before I'll choose which organisation Im going with. And if somebody missed it, I wan't to go to USA. Yes, it maybe a place where everybody goes and it's not special for you guys. But for me it is. I've dreamed of going as an exchange student to USA since I was like 7? I love the language, and someday I wan't to move there. Im not doing it because everyone else is, Im doing it because Im interested in the culture and language. That's why I hate when people say: "Everyone goes there, it's not special! De e en massa paikka!" (sorry for the swedish/finnish sentence..) Well yeah. You got my point I guess


Not interesting to tell you. I took some outfit photos, but I can't find the cable to the computer. So no pohtos right now. Gonna watch Pretty little liars (pll), go to the STS information meeting and then training. I'll miss my dance, again...


I have time to blog on an eights morning? Wierd. Today Im suppoused to have dance, but Im going to this STS meeting thing where they tell you about the organisation and you can ask questions. In school I think I need to work on the yearbook the hole day, so that will be stressful. Cause the yearbook must be ready tomorrow.... But now I'll have to go. CIAO


So proud of myself right now! Wanna know why? I went for a run, it doesn't sound so special but if you know me at all you know that I HATE to run. But I did it, and it feels awesome. Beside running, I've planned the nyc trip and read aboyt different exchange student organisations. Im between EF, STS and Explorious. If you have an opinion please let me know, having a hard time to choose which one. Oh and then I went shopping some training clothes, you'll see them probably tomorrow.



Here's one collage of must haves from NYC. And it's not like I want precise those clothes, just something that reminds of them, it you understand. Then I have a question for you: which shops should I go to in NYC? please help me out and comment some shops and where they are to me. Im a bit helpless, heheh.



Woke up like 30 minutes ago, and Im still tired. Wierd. In 2 weeks and 4 days Im in New York! I think Im doing a most haves collages from NYC for you during next week, or today. But for so long, heres pictures from friday!

there's a voice inside my head that says: you'll never reach it


Just came home from E&As place. Had a good time, but had to come home earlier because I drove. My little sister is watching hannah montana the movie. That's why this song. ah. I like it.



Soon off to Ellen's place to watch a movie with my girls and celebrting Ellens sisters 20th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTONIA!! visit her blog at: Cause we're basically just chilling, my outfit isn't that intresting, but here's photos anyways.


I had a wonderful evening yesterday, and thanks to everyone! Now you feel like you should, tired and not willing to do anything. So here im sitting with noodles, newest FRIDA and watching glee&pll. That's pretty much how my day will look like.

friday 13th


having a great time with my friends! hope your having a good time too. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELLA who has her birthdat today!!!!!!!! she's in the picture with me



Im on my way to celebrate my birthday (little bit late..) with all my girls! So happy right now! It's going to be AMAZING. see you tomorrow!



I wanna have this dangerously hot sexy blonde hair, with lenght and volyme. Just look at them, so stunning and mysterious. Perfect. Soon I'll be back as blonde, soon.

this was one of the things on my bucketlist, and last february I got to say check on that thing!

Well hello! Waiting for my mum to be ready,a dn then we're going shopping food. Nomnom. While I wait Im gonna watch the new glee episode.

can't wait to go around in just shorts and a leather jacket.. ahh

Happy girl sitting here! My scooter is working, I got to sleep 1h more than usuall, school starts at 9:45 and it's friday tomorrow. N I C E ! Todays plans are shopping food and stuff like that, and drive them to my fathers work cottage. Cause tomorrow me and some friends are gonna hit the place.


visit my tumblr blog:



Just came home from watching Iron Sky with Danne, Oskari, Henkka and Mikko. I think it was a good movie, or at least very funny. Good to be finnish production. But Im little bit irritated because my scooter isn't working. It doesn't have any battery so I can't even start it, which means I can't drive. Argh. And I can't load it, cause we don't have a charger. Intresting.

The feeling you get when something you didn't expect happens


you just gotta


this is the first time today I have had time to blog, and now Im sitting on the bus stop. I met up with Laura today, it was a long time since the last time. So that was nice! and then O had dance. Now home and do some homework, great..

hair fusion

Chocolate eggs, Pretty little liars, gym. That's how my day has looked like. Tomorrow back to reality, but I get a sleeping morning, school is starting at 10.

monday the 9th


Ou so excited, I have plans for next weekend! But you'll hear more about it during the week. The last day of the easter holidays today. So gonna take the most of it: watch pll, go to the gym and have the yearly chocolate egg hunting with my family!

Ain't about what's on the other side

Decided that this would be a family. OMFG Im going to New York in 3 weeks and 5 days, cool maan. So we have planned little bit with my mum what we're gonna do, and where we're going the first day. Hhahahah. IM EXCITED TO THE MAX! Im gonna do a collage of some must haves from new york some day in the near future. But otherwise I just made sallad and soon my family and I are gonna eat food and then talk about New York a little bit more. Hehehe..


I need your help! I want to give Ellen something great as birthday gift. She took me wallclimbing and then to a restaurant. I want to do something like that, but with different things. You know? So could you comment some tips to me? Hihihi.


the picture is from Ellens voyage in Dubai


I spent the day at Ellens place. Nice to meet my bestie after over one week. She was in Dubai. Anyways. Just ate such a good supper, nomnom. And soon we'll eat dessert. Ou and btw my godparents are here over the holidays.


Had a fun at Dannes, or still having! Oskari, Henkka and Nicole were here to but they already left. Watched Silent Hill with Danne and now we're just talking. Blogg to you tomorrow, adn btw im staying here over the night.

spa at home


I feel so fresh after my little spa day at home. the only thing that I haven't done is to pill my eyebrows, but my godmother are going to pill them for me when she comes over to our place. luxury! later Im going to dannes place, but now som pretty little liars!" class="image">



Just woke up to the lovely sound of my sister and her friends screaming. Hope you hear the sarcasm.. Today Im gonna put some nailpolish, pill eyebrows, wash my hair and maybe do a facemask. So basically a mini spa, hööhöhö. Toodeleis!


Just got home from Pandas where we watched sound of music! It was so nice to see the movie, hadn't seen it in a long time. In school I didn't do so much. Just worked on this yearbook thing and then we had easter music concert. The plans for the evning are pretty simple, TV and computer. And oops if orgot to tell you, THE EASTER HOLIDAYS BEGAN! the picture isnät mine, it's from weheartit



Ah I want: crosses, bracelets, earrings, sweaters, shoes in the colors of red, white, black and grey...

tori parver is AMAZING

Vitamina A/W '12 Campaign
Vitamina A/W '12 Campaign
Just look at Tori, she looks stunning in these clothes!!! But today was one of those laugh at everything days. Went with Danne and Oskari to Mcdonalds. I don't remember when I laughed the last time this much. So I had very fun! Now I should go to the gym..

sorry for sounding bored + the problems with watching the video! hope you can see it now




i just wrote my finnish test, and i think it went fine. today school ends 4, and after that i need to read to my natinaol chemistry test which is tomorrow. so goodbye life!!



Im talking to bestie whos right now in Dubai. Not at all jealous or something.. Here's some pictures from dubai when I were there last year!

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