don't ask me, I'll never tell

photos from yesterday
What should I say about yesterday.. It was fun, amazing food, great company, old stories of our lifes, laughter and saying goodbye to thoughs who you won't see in a while. 14 girls at one place, just having fun. Didn't take the camera, but we got the new lens today. So photos of today will come. Gonna meet up with Soffi, Anna, Nicole and Panda today. All of them are leaving tomorrow. Soffi and Anna to malaga for a language course and Nicole and Panda to USA for this gylc thing. Lot to do today.

party like a rock star, look like a movie star, play like a allstar and fuck like a pornstar

So in love with fridays! My plans are meeting up with bestie, and then some grilling with some chics. Sounds good to me. Here you have the outfit for today! Have a good day.

olet mitä syöt / you are what you eat

Got this new book today. It's about how you can start eating healthy, and thorugh that loose weight. I persoanlly think the book is good, bc it lets you know lots of good information. What you should eat and what you shouldn't. The real secret for loosing weight is to eat well and to train. Not to starv your self and train. It also lets you know what you can do if your always hungry and stuff like that. Oh and the name of the book is "olet mitä syöt" (in english you are what you eat) and it's written by Hanna Partanen. I bought mine from citymarket.

in my head right now


champions train, losers complain

After 2 hours of training and a good lunch Im going to watch some pll. Put on my soft, comfy dress and a jeans shirt on top of it. Later I might go meet some friends, or then I stay home and watch germany vs italy. But here's some beauty stuff I bought yesterday. Shampoo and conditioner from Wella. Skin cleaning thing from Nivea. Lipbalsam from Clover Vaselin. Thoothcream from pepsodent. And the I bought these tissues that takes the make-up away.


YEY! My camera is working AGAIN!!!!!!!! So happyyy. The problem was in the lens. So the lens is broken, but not the actual camera. Relived. I already thought I had to go to rhodos without a camera. We have two old lenses that I can use, but the are 35-55mm and 100-300mm, so no close up photos in a while. We're lookin at new lenses, which would be 18-55mm or something close to that. It can be that we'll buy a new camera anyways, cause we're gonna need two cameras when I go as an exchange student. But we'll see. Now Im gonna continue surfing the internet for lenses and in 20 minutes Im gonna be sitting at the TV watching spain vs portugal. GO SPAIN!!!!!

time to blow out

Chilling at Annas place! Wuupwuup.

She has just been gone for this day and Im already missing her! Danne is something amazing. You always feel comftrable around her and she makes you feel accepted. I can talk about everything with her without being judged. So 4 weeks without me little girl will be weird. But have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! Sending you so many hugs!

New design

 Change the design, but probably will change it a bit more. Don't know if I like it or not. So I'll maybe change it back or something.. Hahaha. In an hour Im meeting up with Linda and we're going to watch LOL at the cinema. And here you have the trailer!

I will be here

old photo of me and Danne
Gonna miss you danne <3 Todays plans are meeting up with Linda and at some point go training. Going to change the style of my blog, here some day. Tired of the old one.

all I need is for you to come and rescue me

Feeling great! Started my day with workouts at the gym and soon Im going over to Dannes place. Im going to help her pack, she's going on a language course tomorrow to Malta for 4 weeks. Crazy huh?

movies, zumba, facemask and EM-soccer



Amazing if you ask me. She's stunning. You found her here. And her name is Lina, Lina Lundin.


picture from tumblr
The celebrating continues. New guests and more food. Nice.


photos from last week when I was tanning
The good or the bad news first? Bad news first, my camera is kind of broken. So I won't be able to take pictures with it. Which basicaly sucks. But Im going to try to fix it. The good news is that we celebrate midsummer today! I think it's only in Finland and Sweden you celebrate midsummer. So that's what Im going to do today.

home and alive

Don't remember if I told you that I went on a childrens camp thing this week. My job was to take care of the children and be with them. Had lots of fun, but now Im very tired. Just grilled sausage and now Im going to watch pretty little liars.

The Dictator

Had so much fun yesterday! Thanks and Happy Bday once again Nicole. We played a game named rappakalja, listened to music, talked, danced and watched soccer. How more awesome can it get? Came home after 12, and pretty much started to sleep right away. Todays plans are going to the movies with Nicole, Oskari and Henkka (and maybe Mikko). None of them have answered when and where we're going to watch The dictator. And then I have to pack for the childrens camp Im going to tomorrow. But here's the trailor of The Dictator.



photos from right now, taken with webcam
Yesyesyes! Didn't have to go to my grandmothers/fathers cabin today, instead I get to celebrate my girl Nicole. She has birthday today, 16 years! Wohooo. HAPPY BDAY MY GIRL <3 Have a nice sunday guys!

everybodys lookin for love


photos from right now, taken with webcam has changed, but I think it's for the better side. Yesterday was so much fun, had my camera with me but no pictures where taken with it. Today I tanned and watched my sisters camp perfomance. Soon I'll meet up with Soffi and then we're going to the cliffs with everybody else! Just my luck, I took to you photos of my outfit and today, but now my camera isn't working and I can't find the cable so I could connect my camera and computer...

ready to go


(only for you danne ;) )
Dinner at pandas place adn then sleepover at besties. Lovely!

stressed to the max

picture from tumblr
We get to know today to which school we got into. Im already safe, I got into mattliden. To get there you had to have an avarage of 7,89 in your grades. And I hade 8,9! But Im stressing for some of my friends that aren't on the safe side.. And it's killing me. The lists of the ones who made it in to different schools come up 9-10 depending on the school.

this was my outfit 1hour ago, before I made a smoothie....




jacket from primark

top from new look

bustier from new look

t-shirt from primark

scarf from new look

darkblue top with spitz on the back, from primark

top from primark

top from primark

bag from primark

belts from primark

sunglasses from primark

bracelt from new look

hair accessorie, from new look

iphone bumber and cover from some wierd little store

sneakers from new look

+ white and black normal converses!

gonna miss you all!


old picture of my favorite girls, borrowed from Soffis fb.
Enjoing life so much right now. Today I first met Danne and Ellen at sello. Met up with Laura, Oona and Soffe afterwards. Otherwise I went jogging in the morning. Felt good to be training again. Sorry for this wierd post but nothing speciall is really happening. Meeting my friends before everyone goes on language courses and to their the cabins. Really want to meet everyone. Gonna miss them so much! E,D,N,E,P,S,A you have to know that I love you and Im gonna miss you where ever you are!!!



shirt- primark (london), shorts- levis, shoes-converse(london)


picture from tumblr
Nothing speciall is happening right now. Meeting friends and just enjoing summer vacation. Today I met up with Bestie, and she told me she was pregnant.. JOKING! Hahahah, but that's how we started our conversation. She's not pregnant! Otherwise I started this diet today. Which means no unhealthy food and lots of exercising. This time it will last and hopefully bring some results too.

just me

picture from tumblr
Not in the mood for bloging or anything else. Just wanna tie myself in a blanket and watch pll. And that's what im gonna do.

home sweet home


photo from
Got home in the night and stayed up to tell my mum everything about the trip. Today I've been all day at the soccer field watching my little sisters tournament. They came third! So proud of my sis. But anyways, I'll show you what I shopped from London tomorrow or some day soon. Tonights plans arenät clear, maybe chilling at a friends place or just a home evening. I'll do fine with both!

day 5 aka last day


So this is the last day and my last chance to blog here. I'll come home 23.40 (finnish time) but we have to be 16.40 (uk time) at the airport. we are going to take a look at harrords and then just chill. see you tomorrow!! photo from yesterday

day 4


rainy day today.. went to westminister abby and I gotta say it was interesting. I almost didn't want to leave, somehow it just took my breath away. after wma we went to new look and spend like 1-2 hours there. heheheh. well got 2shirts, 1 pair of shoes, a scarf and some jewerllies with me. then we went to accessories and hollister. now we're at the hotel and soon we will leave for queen musical. tomorrow evening we're taking the flight back home. and someone asked about the shopping, and yes I will show you everything when I come home.

day 3


my feets are starting to hurt so much.. today we went to madame tussauds and london zoo. as I said eariler Im not an attraction person but it sas fine anyways. around 5-6 we took the underground back to piccadilly circus for some shopping. I bought a pair of white converse and then I helped my brother to buy shoes and clothes. the only attraction left is westminister abby, and then shopping for the rest of the trip!!! relieved. but I only have 100£ left, but I still get something. no photos today either.. argh

day 2


Walked around the tower. it was pretty interesting, but Im not an attraction human, so when we went shopping I got a smile on my face. went to primark and spend like 2-3hours there. found so much, but the queue to the fitting rooms was so long and you could only take 8pieces of clothes to the fitting room, that I had to through away clothes that looked nice. but I still bought like 5shirts, 4belts and a small black bag. the we looked for abercrombie and that took a while. when se finaly found the store I just bought a perfume for my mum and my brother bought a hoodie. Underground to piccadilly circus to watch Thriller Live musical. it was sooo goood! amazing singers and dancers. and of course we have eaten!!! sadly no photos from today cause the wifi is slooooow.. brandon danne ;)

day 1


so we just walked around london and I bought a pair of black converse! as you can see I have fred wifi at my hotel, wuhuuu. so I'll be able to update you every day Im here. here's som pictures from today

at the plane


free wifi on the plane!! so we flew first to stockholm and then we had to wait 4 hours because the next plane had tecnical problems. Just 2hours left and I'll bebin london!!!!!

pictures from wednesday, thursday and saturday






pictures from right now
So I'll try to blog while Im there, but I don't promise anything. Gotta go! Ciaoooo

pictures on my dress and shoes from the graduation last saturday

2012-06-04" class="image">" class="image">



picture from tumblr
I started packing for London, and Im soon ready. Met up with my girls and MCD, went thorugh yesterdays evening and stuff that happened. It's nice to refresh your mind and hear what the others did, even though we were on the same place. So tomorrow Im leaving to London. I'll be back on friday.


why are u afraid of love?
Im afraid of getting hurt and taking risks. Wish I could be less afraid, but that's just something I'll have to work on.

Do u think ur a good person?:)
Well yes? Im not a perfect person, I do mistakes but Im a good person still.

What is ur weakness?:)
Sweet guys and good food

- What is your earliest memory?
I guess it's when I was 3,5 years when I rode my bike without training wheels for the first time. And that's when I learned to ride a bike!

- What is the most important lesson you've learned in life?
To forget people even though they been terrible to you

- Are there any words of wisdom you would like to pass along?

One of my friends told me: Learn to forgive others and your self.


- If you would interview anyone from your life (living or dead, but not a celebrity), who would it be and why?

Wow. This is a hard one. Probably someon who defended my country in a war. It would be cool to hear what he was thinking then, and now when everything payed off, is he proud or not.


- Can you tell me about your first kiss?

Well my first kiss was actually on 7th grade. With one of my class mates.. But if you mean a kiss with tongue it was on the summer between 7th adn 8th.


- Do you believe in an after-life?

Yes I do. Or I belive that we somehow live some where a life again.


- Has any books or movies made an impact on you? If so, what books/movies and how?

There are several books/movies that made me cry ad laugh. But I haven't read a book which would have affected or change my life.


- What is the most annoying thing someone could do to you?

Just annoy me all the time, or say that my hair/clothes are ugly or something if I like them alot


- What is the weirdest thing about you?

Im toally wierd and I usually don't feel ashamed for things I do. I can sing, dance on the street or something like that, without feeling ashamed or wierd.


- Is there anything you would willingly give your life for?

My family and my best friends!


- What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

It about how you present your joke. Of course there are things that are to serious to be joked about, but it's mostly how you say your joke.


- If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would it be and why?

Probably for a fun and wild person. I hate when something is boring and I always want to see smiles on my friends faces.


- Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far.

When I went to the rollercoaster named ukko.. Hahahah nono. Probably a nightmare where my mum was pinched in a elevator. Couldn't sleep for 2 months.


What do you like about yourself? (:

That Im usually happy and that Im my slef all the time.


Is there something u regret a lot now, if so then what is it? :)

Well that I argued with 3 persons for 6 months. But now we're on a good foot again and this war that has been on for 6 months is over!


How was your first kiss?

Not that romantic


What part of ur body are u most proud of ;-)

Probably my ass or my smile!


why do u write in english?:)

To improve my english skills anf because I like the english language! :D


if u could be someone else for one day, who would it be? :)

Probably Channing Tatums wife XD Hhahaha no. It would be nice to be a celebrity!


- What are your pet peeves?

I hate spiders and stuff like that, but I HATEHATE BIRDS XD



picture from tumblr XD
Done is done. Had the best evening in my life yesterday. Laughter, cries and hugs. That's how my evening went. But I'll start answering the questions to the question time thing.



pictures from right now, lookin like a total freek
So just got my grades.. 8,9 !! wuhuuu. Im so proud of my self. No more high school for me. YEY! Party all day. See you tomorrow! Summer vacation here we come!!!!!

I throw my hands up if you belive in me now


picturs from right now
Church and then Im going to Henkkas place with some friends.

Information about my London voyage


picture from tumblr
About the London voyage then. Im going there with my brother and my grandparents from dads side. Ther reason why Im going there is because my grandparents want to take all the grandchildren on a voyage. I'll be there 4.6-9.6., so basically the first week of summer vacation. We have tickets to both Michael Jackson and Queen musicals. And then we'll probably just go watch attractions and go shopping. Yey. Can't belive Im leaving on monday!

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