WOHOOOOOO! Soon Im off to SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA !!!!!!!!!!!!! Im right now at Ellas place, and soon her mum is driving us plus anna&soffi to hartwall arena. LOVE IT!!


 Ah... Lugn men ändå så meningsfull. Tack Antonia för att du linkkade den här skönheten på din blogg. Förevigt tacksam.


JAG HAR BILJETTER TILL SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIAS KONSERT!!!!!! Såååå glad! Väntade 30minuter i telefonen för att få dom, och nu har jga och min bror biljetter i alakatsomon brevid scenen den 20.12.2012. Kommer å bli så bra början på jullovet, och massor med bekanta kommer ju att vara där. Can't wait!!!


Im in love with her voice.. Ah. Favorites are don't you worry child, we found love, wherever you will go and alone again. I wouldn't mind to sing like this. Thanks meri for the tip!

steady wine

 New week started today! The week started pretty good, went over to Annas place after school. We cooked noodel shrimp wook and then I had dance practise. Feels so good to have three regular lessons I have to be on. Loving life right now. Here's a youtube video for a typical dancehall choreography!

here we go... 31 hours left...

With 62 new songs on my iphone and the suitcase almost packed, Im starting to get ready for rhodos.. Still need to wash some cloths, sew some cloths, clean my room and iron some cloths. The song has been playing in my head, and it's one of the songs I downloaded.

you got me good

To my girls. I'll miss you so much! Have fun, meet new people, hook up with hot guys, shop until' you drop, get tanned and we'll see each other soon. Kisses and hugs to you. And the song, only for you ;) hahhaha lots of love to you guys!

in my head right now




Here's some pictures from the dance show, or mainly before the show started. Im the one with blonde curly hair, with spitz shirt and jeans shorts. And all the pictures are stolen from Amys fb. And here's also our muisc which we danced to.

öppna din dörr


there's a voice inside my head that says: you'll never reach it


Just came home from E&As place. Had a good time, but had to come home earlier because I drove. My little sister is watching hannah montana the movie. That's why this song. ah. I like it.

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