the proposal

After this long exhusting week, my girls (Anna, Soffi, Linda, Beccy and Nicole) came over to my place. Movies, laughter and so many stories. Fun night I must say, thanks girls. This weekend Im going to focus on my friends and leave school to sunday evening. Tomorrow I wanna do something crazy, my home arrest (?) ended today, so Im all up for partying, or soemthing, just getting outside my house for the evening. But sweet dreams Im off to bed.

kiss and tell


My blogging is shit I know. But I dont seriously have anything to write about. Today I said goodbye to my family friend who's moving to Austrailia for a year. Crazy. Tomorrow we're taking the school photos. But now some pll and then Im going to check the last time my english irregular verbs for my quiz tomorrow.


Seriously. This day was fun until I got home and got caught for smoking. Yes bad ass, I know. And the sucky part continued, my granny is at the hospital. She's going to be fine, but still. Anyways I've been a good student today, did all my homeworks, started to read for a quiz and right now searching for information for my essay in history. But I guess Im taking my computer with me tomrrow for school. Still some workouts to do, so shalom. Nothing will ruin my good mood today, not even getting caught be my parents. Hahaahahhaha. Toodels

call me maybe

Yep Im sitting home doing some homework. Defenetly gonna do some training today, feel like I need to excersies. Well I should get back to the homework. Later

sunday the 26th

Todays plans are dance lesson and the meeting up with Salla. Still little bit tired from högsand(thecamp), wierd...

I can kiss away the pain

sexy photbooth photos..
Yesterdays plans changed a bit, instead Anna&Soffi came over and we made pizza. Today we're eating lobsters with my family.

no photos, isn't working right now

I loved the "camp" thing. Got to know new people and specially two of them I clicked with very well. I just need to thank all my wonderful 1st graders for an amazing day/evening/night/morning. We had games, dancing, singing, talking all the things I love to do. I slept in the tent, but not with Ella&Anna. They abandoned me and I slept with Benkku in the tent. I've only slept like 4hours, if even that. So Im very tired but bestie is coming over for a sleepover so I just gotta drink some coffe and I'll wake up.

terrbile blogger over here

I know I've been lazy with blogging. But I don't have the inspiration to blog so much these days. Anyways In 45 minutes me and all other first graders are going to this place called högsand för the night. Awesome. And me and Ella+Anna are suppoused to sleep in a tent, int this weather. HAhahhahahah. Hopefully we'll survive. See you later.

can I kiss you?

Hehhe.. Long time no see right. The days are going by so fast. The only thing might interest you is that Im selling my old clothes at Syrrans Garderob. You find me under the nickname jenkkiis. Yeah, the most of the clothes I haven't been using for several years. But please take a look and you might find something.

Im loosin sense of time and space

photos from the cobra snake
3hours of dancing in head of me. Somehow Im still excited over it. I will at the same time go and check the stores if I'll find something interesting. Oh I already have a piece of clothing to show you, just remind me later and I'll show you.

photo: the cobra snake

Today it's friday and that means that Im free to go anywhere after school again. Relived. But still have to stay all the weekends in august home. Now tortilla. Ahh.. My favorite food.


School day from 9-16, not made for me. So tired and going to be ill soon. I should take a cup of tea and then watch a movie or maybe take a nap.

todays outfit


Shorts; Levis, Shoes; Converse, Tubetop; Terranova, Shirt; Ginatricot, Accessories; different shops


The catwalk says it. Buy leather pants. They look absolutly amazing... Dreamdreamdream.

dance for your life

Some freedom today yay. I get to go to my dance lesson, wohoooo...

huge cravings....

It's dangerous to lock me inside our house for several hours. I have such huge cravings for these things. Simple with a colorful bag. It's MK or nothing, seriously. Someone please buy me one. Need more of those simple tees, a new little bit biker inspired leather jacket and black rubber boots for the fall. Perfect. Would wear these anytime.

todays: simple + my new profile picture !

my new pp!


First day of school behind me. And now Im going to suffer. I have to get home after school everyday for this week, and stay here. Great.


My evening didn't end so well. Early return time, one of my white converses turned into brown, angry parents, screaming, crying and whising that I could lock myself in my room forever. Today I feel like deserved. And still have the chitchat with my parents to come. Right now the only thing I can say is FML. This wasn't the way I wanted to spend my last free day before school. Well I'll return to you at some point. Ciao

let's go, last party for the summer

the cobra snake
Had an amazing evening yesterday! We had a surprise goodbye party for Antonia&Olle. Antonia drives the famous blog dirtyglam (click on the name for entering the blog). I don't remember when I've danced that much. Fun. And they were so surprised, you should have seen their faces... Sadly I don't have photos from the evening. But today me and my friends are gonna party at our last summer party! We're going hardcore, just so you know.

saturday 11th

the cobra snake.
I cleaned my closet!!!!!! So happy I did it. Now I have lots of space for the fall and winter clothes. Wohoo. Soon Im heading for the woods. Serious partying today. Just 2 days left until school starts.


pants; ginatricot, shoes; converse, jacket; peak perfomance, scarf; only, collar shirt; old one, jersey; only


photos from right now
Just a quick update. Im trying to enjoy my last days of freedom. Thai cube box and later hanging with friends.

sunday the 5th

So proud of myself. I went jogging today when I woke up!!!! Felt sooooo good afterwards. Went to Antonia for her home made flea market. She sold her old clothes, jewerlly, bags, shoes and much more. Why? Because she's moving to LONDON (!!!) in like 2 weeks.. Crazy. Visit her blog here. Then I went to celebrate my cousins birthday. Olympics mens 100m final, and then Im off to bed. Last week of freedom ahead of my. Damn.
Länk, loppis och kalas. Mycket på en dag. Skall kolla os männenas 100m final, sedan ta å gå å sova. Sista veckan av freedom börjar i morgon. Fan.


photos from the cobra snake
Today I've just chilled and then our friend family came over for dinnner. Sorry for the losey update, but I don't feel like blogging during the last of my summer vacation days. So when school starts I'll be back for real. In waiting for the 14.8.....


This was one of the things I bought during the rhodos week and when I was at my grannys. Ah love it, it will be perfect during the fall, winter and the remaining summer nights. My new favorite comes from only.
Nyttnytt i garderoben. Köpte den i jakobstad! Och min nya baby kommer från only.

victorias secret

Did a little online shopping at vs today with my mum. Here you can see what I clicked home. Im in love with the bikini...
Gjorde lite online shopping i vs med mamma, det här klickade jag hem! Älskar bikinin....


photos borrowed from meris blog.
Cold drinks, good music and lovely company. That's how I spent last evening. Thank you Anna! Today Im gonna go training and take care of things that need to be down before school starts... Yaiks. 11 days of freedom left. Sorry no photos

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