Chilling with Anna and Ella is one of the best things in the world. You have so much fun all the time!

you and I will be safe and sound

The sun is shining and the beach is calling my name.


I have such BIG cravings on leo pants. Me and leo pattern. A year ago I would have thrown up even of the thought. But now, I have to have them. Have to. I want them to be greyish with not so sharp pattern. Perfect. If anyone knows where I can find something like that, let me know!!!
A question to you guys: what do you want me to write about, what do you want to see more of in the blog, and should I do a brief summary in swedish in every post?
Let me know, so I can continue making the blog better and stuff!


Monday inspiration. Balmain makes me want big masculin, but still feminine clothes. I. want. everything.

enjoy the little things

Swimming and tanning. That is what I've done today. Oh, and then I lost my phone. Im phoneless. Great. Everything you're waiting for, will come. But you'll just have to wait a little bit longer. For first Im going to try to have something to do without my phone.

just for myself

here's some typical summer pics we always take during summer
The last to weeks have been relaxing. But I gotta say I love being back in town. Im defenetly not a country girl, that's for sure. I came home on thursday evening but went watching my second cousins. Yesterday I met up with Soffi and Anna. After chitchat at Soffis place, I went home and ate and then drove to Dannes place and stayed the night at her place. Now Im home and ready to show you new collages and inspiration pics. Just stay tuned!
Today Im taking it easy. Just having a spa evening by my self at home.

holiday from the holiday

im so sorry I haven't been blogging. Im at my grannys so she has no wifi, which means that I can only blog from my cellphone.. which means lousey posts and no photos... but I can tell that I have lots and lots of inspiration, collages etc. You'll just have to wait until I can post from my computer!! which should be latest next weeks friday! hopefully sooner.


Everyday we woke up at 9.30 and ate breakfast, put some sunscreen on and went to the beach. Tanning, swimming and talking for the next 6 hours. After that we went to the hotel, showered, chilled, listened to music and started to prepare us for the night. Dinner with my mum and some of her friends. After this me and ellen went to the bar street for partying. We mostly danced and talked to people. The feeling there was incredable! We had to be back at the hotel 2.30 in the night. We stayed out evert night except for one. Then we just bought cookies, candy and soda and went to the hotel after the dinner. Had a wonderful week in rhodos. And I want to thank everyong who made it so amaxing. Especially my mum who came with us!!!

good great awesome

photos from right now
Fuck. I think Im going to be ill.. Feeling so wierd and tired. But still have to go to my cousins party thing today. And tomorrow Im leaving to Jakostad (where my grandmum lives) and after that to my dads mums&dads cottage. Two weeks I'll be gone, but I'll try to update. But no high tec photos will be seen at my blog during this time. Hahahhaha... The photo boom is coming up.

my body is screaming tired

photo from rhodos
Waking up at 7am and with only 3,5hours of sleep Im feeling a little bit tires. Plans was pretty much chilling with ella, but it change to going to a random party where I met lots of friends. Danced, talked and laughed. Really need some sleep right now, so I think I'll go to bed. Gonna try to make you a photo boom from the voyage tomorrow. And a short summary of the voyage as well. We'll see. Good night!


two pics from the voyage
So Im back after a AMAZING TRIP! omg.. Im gonna tell you more about the trip later. Now it's food time and then Im meeting up with Ella.

at rhodos

so sorry haven't have timw to blog.. im in rhodos and everythings great!! we're loving it. but now i gotta continue eating my lunch

here we go... 31 hours left...

With 62 new songs on my iphone and the suitcase almost packed, Im starting to get ready for rhodos.. Still need to wash some cloths, sew some cloths, clean my room and iron some cloths. The song has been playing in my head, and it's one of the songs I downloaded.

new in the closet and in the bookshelf

These are the things I got today, thanks mum! Oh and a yellow tube topp (?).. But didn't get a decent photo of it... Otherwise I've just been tanning and playing with my sister and her friend. 3 days until rhodos!!!!!

thank you

Just wanna thank you guys who keep commenting on my posts. You make my day! And I mean the positive comments, and the negativs help me get better. So thanks for them to..? :D But keep reading and commenting!

I could really use a wish right now

Yesterday: I met up with Ella. We talked and tanned. At some point we went to to pattis (a park). Continued our day there, and I actually think I got a little bit tanned. Hopefully. Then I had to say goodbye, she flew today to nizza..

Today Im meeting up with Tiiu, Milla and Soffe. My plan was to go training, but then the suun shined, so I change it to tanning.

rhodos 7.7-14.7

photos from my last voyage to rhodos 2009
Im finally gonna tell you about the voyage! So Im going to Rhodos, Greece on saturday morning. As company I have my bestie and my mum. We're staying at Hotel Marie. The plans are tanning, chilling, partying and having lots of fun. And I won't blog during the time I'll be there.

you got me good

To my girls. I'll miss you so much! Have fun, meet new people, hook up with hot guys, shop until' you drop, get tanned and we'll see each other soon. Kisses and hugs to you. And the song, only for you ;) hahhaha lots of love to you guys!


Congratulations to spain! The new european champions!!!!!!!

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