felt pretty un fresh and tired today, so I decided to stay home and study on my finnish test. tomorrow im having a "birthday party" for my relatives. and then i need go study to my test, so ill maybd post a post.

Day 8 – In my bag


In my bag I usually have: the homeworks for the next day, make-up stuff, keys, perfume, lip balsam, pensil case, camera, iphone, headphones. That's probably it.

last day of march


Yesterday was so much fun! We all just had comfy clothes, talked, ate and played spiritism. I love my girls! They do light up my day. But I came home like 1.30 and started to sleep after 3. So I've been a little bit tired to day, ahahha. Now Im going to read to my finnish test, eat dinner and then maybe out with friends. But just maybe.. Here you have yesterdays outfit at school.

Day 7– Someone Im happy to have in my life


ELLEN, SOFFI, DANNE, ANNA, PANDA, NICOLE, ELLA ! loving my friends. And Im happy to have my family and my other friends too, of course.

loving friday

Just got home from a booring school day. Soon of to Ellen for a fondue evening with my chicas. The picture is from we<3it

Day 6 – A person who's always there for me

Hmm.. I should say Sofia, Linda, Ellen and Danne. Actually I gotta say Antonia too. Always when I have a problem she stands up for me and helps me. But they are always there to ask me how I feel and they know when Im not okey and make me feel better.



Worlds greatest person has birthday to day. It's my bestie Ellen! Wow. Sweet sixteen! Muahhaha. I baked yesterday cupcakes to her, and today we celebrated with our grilgroup her. We ate cake and cupcakes. Nomnom. After school I went with Henkka, Henni and Oskari to Iso Omena (a mall in Espoo).  I had so much fun! These are people I usually don't ahng out with, but after this day Im defenetly going to be with them more! Well when I came home I had to move my stuff to my room, and bake a cake layer. So pretty stressful day. But now CHILLAX TIME!

Day 5 – Someone I trust


This is a hard one too, hahahha. Because I really trust everyone in my girlgroup. So Ellen, Danne, Nicole, Soffi, Ella, Anna & Panda + Linda(whos not in my girlgroupXD). I trust them all. And I love that I have so many I can trust on. It's easy to talk to them and I really can tell them anything knowing that they won't tell it forward. Sp I gott say love you and I hope you trust me to! Sorry that I use the same pictures... ahhahah


I've totally forgot to blog today, heheh. Well nothing speciall has really happen. After school we went to Iso Omena with Danne for a coffee. She contiuned to her driving lessons and I went training. I came home and started to move stuff to my own room. Then I watched greys anatomy. So there you had about my wonderful day. Hahha. Sorry.

onetwothreefour unosdostrescuatro


Hate is a strong word, but I hate reading to tests. I always fall a sleep, and I don't ever have the motivation to read. But today I have tried. And I think I can everything, hopefully. I also practised on my spanish presentation, but I still got mu homeworks to do. Great. But here you have the days outfit.

Day 4 – Phobias

This is a hard one. Because I dont actually have one, or yes I do.. BIRDS! I hate them from the bottom of my heart. Im so scared of them and yaiks. BIG NO for birds. But otherwise I don't think I have any phobias. I suppouse. The picture is from we heart it



just gonna do a quick update. i
I have so much school things to do for tomorrow so thats why I cant blog so much today. right now im reading to my mother tongue (swedish) test, and after that I should read homeworks, presentation and start moving back to my room!!

Day 3 – Addictions

1. Bubbelgum
2. My hair
3. To check my ass before I leave my house
4. Music
5. Friends
6. Facebook...
7. My macbook
8. Food
9. Green tablemat in the school
10. My necklace with 2 rings
11. My cross necklace (but it's broken, need to fix it)
12. To blog
13. Glee
14. Desperet Housewifes
15. Greys Anatomy
16. Training
17. Takeing photos
Well heheh there's a few.. Didn't come up with anymore, but I think you'll survive!! And they aren't in a specific order, just in the order I remembered them!



So excited! In may Im going to NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my confirmation gift, and Im so thrilled. This is the big news I was telling you about. hehehe. It's just little bit over a month before I leave. Im going with my mum to NYC for 5-6 days. And we will shop until' we drop. Well that's it for today. I baked one cake layer, the other had bad eggs in it so my brother said that iit tasted like poop.. Hhahaha. wellwell. Need to go to the shower.



I promised to tell you when Soffi would get a new blog. Well now she does have one; wildlips.blogspot.com !! She writes about fahsion, her life, partys, friends and what ever that's a part of her life. So start reading her blog, you wont regret it!

ps sorry for posing in my sports bra...


I made you yesterday a post of what I thought about the hungergames movie. But it wasn't posted? Wierd. Well I loved the movie, although they changed some parts and didn't do all the stuff that I was wishing for. But over all I liked it very much, and I can't wait to see the second movie. My mondays aren't anything to brag about. School from 10-4 and after that directly to my dance. And I just got home from the dance lesson. Im supposed to bake a cake for my relative party that is on this sunday, but I dont know which rescipe Im supposed to use.. So I'll read to my mother tongue test and to my spanish project perfomance. But I will blog you later and tell you about the thing I was suppoused to tell you last week and then Im doing a shoutout on my friends blog. SO TODAY STAY TUNED!! Ciao!

The day we call monday


Im a bit confused with this summer winter time.. had a bad dream that I was late for everything. well here you have two pics from todays outfit. Ellen is ill and I'll have to be alone in my class, fun...

Day 2 – 5 funny pictures from my life





Do you ever feel like theres something missing in your life? Well I do. And I finally figured it out today. I was supposed to throw away my old soccer/football clothes. And when I took the clothes out memories started to come. It feels wierd. Cause now I had to let go. Throw the clothes away, and never return to my hobby. I never saw this moment coming. That I really had to let go of something that's a huge part of me, or was. Some picec of clothing reminded me that in the end, I actually were good. If Im honest, I was really great. I played in my lands best team, got to play almost the hole game, played in my districts "like national team" and played for my lands national team. And I were never happy with how I played. Always there was something to complain about. So now when I had to thorw away me training clothes. I prety much regretted my descision. I feel so wierd, and felt like there's something missing. When I still played, I always had something to do: trainings, games and camps. I never had spare time, but that didn't bother me at all. But there's no going backs. Haven't played for over a half year, and although I regret quiting Im happy as I am. More time for my friends, but then again more times when Im all alone. Don't get me wrong, I like how my life looks right now. I just wondered how it would have been if I hadn't quit. It feels strange that I have a summer with almost no plans. First summer I dont have tournaments, trainings, camps or games. I have the hole summer to do absolutly nothing. Im kind of panicing, cause I've never had this much spare time under a summer. And Im scared that everyone else has plans, and Im going to be all alone.
So yes I miss soccer/football but Im happy as I am, just need to find something to replace soccer/football.



i missed my bus to helsinki, and our reservation to the hungergames has disapeared. nice. but me and ella are going anyways to check if there are any seats left.


Yesterday I watched The Lion King and ate spagetthi witht pesto. Todays plans are reading to my finnish test and the to go and watch the hungergames with Soffi and Ella! YEY!

pics from yesterday


So. Spent the hole day at Soffis place. Basically just helped her clean the house and slept. Everyone else has plans so Im going to spend the evening by myself and watch some movies. Tomorrow I wanna see the hunger games and I'll have to read to my finnish test.



Right now Im at Soffis place. Tonights plans are not clear but probably a movie or something with friends or without.

no pictures

Guess what? We had a surprise party to Ellen! YEY! It was so fun and she was so surprised I think? Hhahah.. I just gotta say that I love my friends and every body on the same grade as Im on. Sorry forgot the camera at home so no picutres. Well now Im going to catch some sleep. Ciao bellas!

Day 1 – A picture and five un important things about you


1. I sleep in our guest room because we have renovation downstairs
2. I have 2 siblings
3. Im allergic to nectarine
4. My iphone is my boyfriend...hehe
5. I played soccer/football (what ever you wanna call it) for 7 years, and I quit last fall



Today I had a different school day, cause im a "friendpupil" in my school. A friendpupil helps the 7 graders to get to know each other and to learn everything about the school. So today we arrnaged a floorball tournament for them. So we bascially cheered on them and had fun. Ellen is still at my place and we're lookin at our trip to greece. Soon we'll reserve the trip! EXCITED! And IT'S FRIDAY TODAY, so happy weekend to you all!



I love life. Just chilling with Ellen at my bed and talking about stuff. Hiihihi, love this girl.



On my way home after along day. Bestie is coming over for a sleep over. Gotta go, my bus is coming any minute!

https://cdn2.cdnme.se/cdn/8-1/3393758/images/2012/pic_195073706.jpg" class="image">

good night


--> following 15 days

Day 1 – A picture and five un important things about you
Day 2 – 5 funny pictures from my life
Day 3 – Addictions
Day 4 – Phobias
Day 5 – Someone I trust
Day 6 – A person who's always there for me
Day  7– Someone Im happy to have in my life
Day  8 – In my bag
Day  9 – My room
Day  10 – What did I wear today?
Day  11 – Pets
Day  12 – My favorite hobbys
Day  13 – My favorite memorie
Day  14 – Something I regret
Day  15 – This summer

the best things in the world, how Im so proud to call you my girls


I just wanna say that I love my girlgroup! I love eachon of you. You light up my day, and I never have a booring day with you. So happy that I met you guys and that we became what we are now. Hihihih BIG LOVE!



YEY! The first day when I was without a jacket! SCORE! Spring is on her way! Danne is at my place and we're just chilling and talking about stuff. But here's my outift of the day and some photos we took with danne.

dancehall fusion


my dancelesson just ended and god it feels great! so when I come home I'll continue reading to the test. shalooom



Just got home and going to start reading to my test. So here is my outfit from this day.

test reading


todays plans are READING TO MY GEOGRAPHY TEST! So wont have time to blog, but I'll post outfit photos after school. And Im sorry panda for the ugly photo of us, ahahahhah. Didn't have anything better.

the day we all hate


Well don't have time to blog or be on the computer actually. School ended at 4 and then I went training. Now Im home and going to seriously read to my geography test and then wacth desperet housewifes. Here you have the outfit of the day!



just came to the gym with my mum. we've basically baked to my birthday party all day. but you'll see the cake after 2 weeks when the actual party is. or party, what ever you wanna call when your cousins comes and gratulates you.



todays plans are reading to my geography test and to fo training! So nothing speciall.



i hate everything and everyone.



studded clutch london

Wow, I don't remember the last time I slept for this long. Todays plans = home. Im not aloud to go outside my house. Super nice, not like I had plans or anything for today. So probably just gonna watch some movies and die. Hahah kidding. I don't know movies and then just going to have booring. Nice saturday....


Vonmode - All Dressed Up by Rolf A. Jensen
Had a fun evening! Chilled at mcdonalds with many friends, and saw many fimiliar people. Not so tired right know, but stay tuned and you will find out something nice!



I just love my friends! Just came home from Panda, and we had so fun with her, sofia and ella. Laughed to mtvs made and plain jane episodes and got some eyeorgasms every time channing tatum entered the screen. YEY IT'S FRIDAY! So don't actually have any plans but probably gonna hang out with panda, sofia and ella some where. will see. But have an amazing friday guys! but the way sorry for the terrbile pic, but that was the only one i found of us all 4....

living a vida loca


What should I say about my day. Sofia came to my place after school, and that wasn't the best idea. We flipped totally, as you can see on the pictures. I don't think I've ever laughed that much. And just before we were about to go to the gym, we locked our self out. But that's a different story. But after a while my dad came home and locked us in. Then we took the bus to the gym. That's pretty everything.



the cobra snake


My spanish test and maths quiz went well I think. Ella was in the school after being sick for over a week, so it was nice to see her again. Iso omena, esport center you already heard about that. Nothing intresting to tell you. Ou I forgot to take an outfit photo but I think you'll survive.

10 things about me

1. I hate to shower
2. Im obsessed with my hair
3. I love food
4. I've read the hunger games book nr 1 three times and the hole thriology
5. My room is only clean once a week (fridays, because that's when our cleaner cleans the house)
6. I have the worst laugh in the world, it's loud, sounds like a horsedonkey and I hate it
7. My middle names are Anna Alexandra
8. I visit the hospital at least once a year
9. Im very clumsey, ice is my biggest enemy..
10. this is my fifth blog

esport center


felt like the school never ended. chilled with danne at omena and right now im at the gym for a workout!


I already did my part of our project but Anna is still working on hers. So Im trying to read to our spansih test tomorrow, but it's not going so well. Probably going to skip my dance because the project isn't ready and I need to study to my test. But we'll see. I wont have time to blog more today. So see you tomorrow!

good morning


Have to go to school 1hour earlier because we're going to start working on our year book. And by the way Im going to blog pretty late today, cause Im going to Anna after school and form there directly to my dancelesson. I need to practise to my spanish test too. Ou.

outfit of the day


School day from 9:45-16.00. After that straight to my dance lesson which started 17.00. Wow, hopefully you were interested in that information. Well now Im gonna get a shower and then watch desperet housewifes.

sister from another mister


I just skyped with my cousin who lives in schwitzerland. God I miss her. She has changed so much, longer and darker her. And she's so beautiful! She just looks so grown up. Just going to show you her profile picture from facebook, because I don't have another photo of her. Otherwise I've tried to read to my spanish test and I actually did my english homework. Now some food and little bit reading on the test. So good night, and don't let the bed bugs bite!



Ah I want these clothes. Short shorts with nice details, transparent shirts and bustiers, sunglasses and a black leather jacket and a jeans jacket + cool details. I WANT SPRING! I WANT SUMMER!



I have wanted to start a new blog for a while, but when my friend Sofia said that she's going to start a new blog and to start writing in english I started thinking about if I should start a new one. Well after many ifs and buts I decided to make a new blog, and this time I'll write in english. I tried ones before and it went okay, but then I just didn’t have the motivation to write in english. This blog is gonna be about my style, life and voyages to different countries. About myself then. Im a 16 years old girl, how lives in Finland near the capital Helsinki. I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies and basicly just to have fun. I used to be super blonde, but I dyed my hair to redishbrown, but the color has already start to tone away. I have three months left before i graduate elemenatry school. Well I hope you start reading my blog! So I wanna thanks Sofia for letting me know that she wanted to start a new one, because I finally did it myself. And yeah thanks hun! You can visit her at soffislife.blogspot.com for a while now, and soon she's going to change blog and then I'll let you know where you can find her!

Välkommen till min nya blogg!


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