melting away...

Ah. I melted. Channing Tatum is soooooo my guy. But the craziest thing was that he was a better shaker than me.. Hahahhaha. Now I just wish that he would come to my dreams.. Well tomorrow Im going to go training and then just read to my psychology test. No school tomorrow guys. Muahahha.


Soon off to my dance practise, even though I can't dance. After that we're going to go and watch magic mike with my team. Im will try to read to my psychology test during the practise and then when I come home. But now I have to start getting ready.


Yesterday was so much fun! Awesome DJ, strobe lights, smoke maschine and lots and lots of lovely people. I had an amazing time, thanks crisu! Now Im having a guys night at my place with my dad, godfather and brother. Pokernight here I come!


FINALLY WEEKEND! And Im starting it with going to a party with almost all my friends. LOVING IT!

you really turn me on

As I earlier said, the test didn't go that well. But otherwise I have had a fun day. OBS DONT READ THIS IF YOU DONT WANNA KNOW EVERY LITTLE DETAIL OF MY DAY! After the test I went with Pate to get his microcar. Hahahah after about 40 minutes we found the place and started driving back to the school. There I watched The modern family with beccy. We waited until everyone elses lessons ended. I walked with Philip and Otto, and then we all jumped on my scooter and I drove them to the bus station. It was hilarious. Ella and Anna came to my place, and we totally flipped. And they just left. Now Im going to tidy my room, go to the gym and then read a little bit to my mother tongue test.


WOHOOO PARTYYYYY! Not really, I basically fucked up the history test, but what evs. Tomorrow I have my mother tongue language test tomorrow.


Love it love it love it. Everything is now in english. WOHOOOOO! But we'll see how long I'll keep this design. I tend to get bored in them pretty quickly. What do you think? Was it for the better or worse?

here comes the fire

Im done reading to my history test. If I seriously fuck it up, I couldn't careless. But hey guys I updated my tumblr blog, so please pay a visit there. The adres was: !! And new blog design coming up today. And the last thing I have to tell you is that Im so desperet need of a boyfriend, hahahah. Over and done.

crazy beautiful life


I know you want to see good photos of the outfit, but I just basically have time right now to take the photos with my camera and the upload them on my computer. But after the testweek Im going to take better photos. But now I have to get back to my history book

inga foton orkar inte bry mej

Okey, jag skriver nu på svenska eftersom jag seriöst tror att jag är hjärndöd. De bara snurrar i huvve om joner, dorer, egypten, grekland, romarna, fenicierna mm. Fast jag har 20 sidor kvar att läsa tänker jag lämna de. Får lov att klara mej med det jag läst. Imorgon tänker jag bara läsa igenom anteckingarna ja gjorde ida + dom 20 sidor jag inte nu orkar läsa, och sedan kolalr jag igenom hissa lärarens gamla prov å instuderings frågor. Om provet skiter sig så har jag iaf försökt mitt bästa. Btw fick jag 9+ av min hissa uppsats (proud girl). Noja nu far jag å kollar på TV CIAOKKELIS!

history test reading continues


I don't wan't us to cool down

History in my ass. Hahahha. I still have like 40 pages left to read. I felt so stressed today thanks to Pate, but now Im all better. These following days I will be reading to my history test. Can you belive that the test weeks is starting on thursday? Well anyways, Im going to enjoy my break and then get back to my history book.

the photos from the photoshoot with my danceteam



 Hello you gorgeous people. Im almost finished with my math tasks, just one left. Im waiting for my dad to come and help me. My baby cousin was here today. He's sooooo cute. Today I had a photoshoot with my dance team. Oh my we looked sexy. Hahhahah so much fun. I'll show you the photos when I get/see them. My both thighs are fucked up so no training for me for the following weeks. FML. Serioulsy now I get injured. Argh. No can do.



Tired as hell. A fun weekend behind and still have to fo my math tasks.


Yesterday was so much fun. After being at my sisters birthday party, me and danne went to Mcdonalds. There we met some friends. My lovely best friends decided to go to HKI, but I didn't wan't to go. So I stayed there with 7 or 8 boys. Hahhahah. We laughed so much, it's crazy. Then pate and lyra started to disturb me XD. Hahha love you guys. No then we pretty much got kicked out, and I talked to Lyra and Pate. All of a sudden Lasse and Torttu (don't know his real name, awkward.. :D) came to Mcdonalds. I took a hamburger with them. Oh my, I haven't laughed this much for a long time. Todays plans are reading to my history test and doing maths. Then my sister is throwing another birthday party where me and Danne are again hosting the games and stuff. After that me and all my chicas are going over to Pandas place for dinner. LOVE THIS!

schoolschool and school


After five hours of doinh school stuff Im so exhusted.. Did some math, english, did the last things on the history essay and the read to my history test. Oh and I helped my sister to read to her biology test. Tomorrow is a day free from school, except for the part when Im in school.. Hahahahhahaha.

but you didn't have to stoop so low

IM READY WITH THE EASSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief. But this means that I have to start reading to my tests. Yes test week coming up. Tomorrow I get to end school 1hour earlier, and then I will try to do something with my buddys or then I will come home and read for my history test and do some math tasks. I know my blog is pretty much about school, but I'll try to make it up by posting outfits and stuff. But now I have a free evening and Im going to watch TV!! Shalom



Just three pages left of my history essay, and I already done my english homework. Proud girl here. Im gonna eat my thai cube and then finnish my history essay.


Im soo nervous. My brother is writing his chemistry finals today. It's nerv breaking. He just left for the school, and the test will take 6hours. We packed lots of food to him with my mum. I wish good luck to him and to else writing their finals today.

new in the beauty apartment


Schampoo and balsam, thoothbrush, deodorant and make-up removal things.

3 outfits from last week



Taking a little break in writing my history essay. I've written like 5 sentences in what 45minutes? It's somehow hard to find facts and then write something good. I still have to write about 1-3 pages. Oh I had hairdresser today, I'll take photos for you tomorrow. Not because there's much to see. My dad is taking my phone to someone who will fix it today, so Im going to be without a phone for a while. I should get it back tomorrow evening if everything goes well. But now my break is over and I have to get back to my essay so I would finally be finished with it.

long story


New week, new moves. This week is going to be all about school, as next week and the week after that are going to be. Cause the test week starts next week. And I have alot of deadlines this week. Luckily this week means as well, hairdresser and finally starting to do some training again. My thigh feels better, I just can't go down so much but Im still going to go to the gym. Tomorrow I have an appointment to the hairdresser. FINALLY! I've waited so much for this day. I don't still know what Im going to do, but I usually decided when the hairdresser asks what I want her to do. And I've found my camera. So I'll try to take nice photos and skip my ugly photobooth photos. Im so excited for this week, don't know why. But I somehow feel it's going to be great. And also I get to see Lyra tomorrow, wuupwuup. The only bad thing is that the wound on my cheek is inflamed, it hurts and looks disgusting. Hahahhaha but luckily I don't need to see my own face all the time. Sorry for the long post guys. XO

doing my history essay




I hate the day after. I feel so ill and Im so tired after just sleeping less than 4hours last night. Saturday wasn't my day.. I have a wound in my face and my iphone is broken. No 3G and the screen is fucked up. 21.05 Im going to sleep now.


Hur lång tycker du en dröm kuk är?
-Så där 17,61 cm..
Tycker du om nysten;)?
-Han är snygg och super trevlig
Favorit outfit?
-coming up later on photooos
Hur många trontar har du sett live?
-För många.. Speciellt 7 trontar jag kallar mina bästavänner
Favorit sånger?
-Wide a wake, Some nights, Marliyn Monroe
Var ser du dej om 3år, och sedan 50 år?
-Har just skrivit studenten och lever livet på fullt som en 19-åring!! Om 50 år är jag en 66årig mummo. Har kanske barnbarn, men jag ska vara en cool mummo!!!
Värför började du blogga?
-För att några av mina kompisar bloggade och sedan ville jag testa på det.
Kumpi ja Kampi tappeli, kumpi voitti?
-Kumpi voitti
Tycker du det är fel om en äldreman har sex med ett dagisbarn?
-Nä de är helt okey vet du..
Är du rasist?
- Inte vad jag vet?
Vem kom före ägget eller ägget?
-Ägget? :oo
Vad är det för skillnad på en elefant penis och en kenguru penis?
-Du kan kolla upp det på youtube
Analt eller vaginalt samlag? :-)
-The old fashioned way
Vad är meningen med dit liv just nu för tillfället?
-Inget XD nä att vara ung
Vad brinner du för? XD
-kompisar, dans & kläder
10 platser du har besökt i ditt liv
-Thailand, Mexico, Sverige, USA, Dominikanska republiken, Danmark, Schweiz, Estland, Italien, Grekland
9 saker du vill ha just nu
-Pojkvän, en hel kind, en ny iphone, en canon 660D, nytt rum, ny indredning i rummet, nya kläder, mk väska, läderrock
8 favorit låtar för tillfälle
- Marlyn monroe, wide awake, shake senorita, only the horses, god damn you're beautiful and manymany more..
7 favorit bloggar
- dirtyglam, egoinas + alla mina kompisars
6 favorit ställen i världen
- New York, egen säng, rhodos, Phi Phi, Bangkok, i en jätkäs famn
5 favorit klädesplagg i din garderob
-coming up med bilder i ett annat inlägg ;)
4 favorit pojk/flick namn
-Philip, Sunny, Lyra, Alex
3 stora drömmar du har i livet
-Vara hela livet i en marrige, få barn och leva lyckligt
2 saker du ångrar
-Att jag sjöng till beccis hund, att jag inte lämnade iffen på rummet när vi skulle leka
1 favorit egenskap
- Humor
Vilka är dina bästa kompisar?
-Ellen, Ella, Danne, Soffi, Anna, Nicole & Panda
Favorit butiker att shoppa i?
-Forever21, neccessary clothing, a&fitch, och den där ena butiken som jag int kommer ihåg XD
New York eller London?
Bästa egenskaper hos dej själv?
-Tar inte allt så allvarligt, galen, sjuk i huvve, sällan på dåligt humör
Någon som du avgudar/skulle vilja ha dens liv?
-Njaa det sku va helt siisti å va channing tatums flickvän eller sen mila kunis eller nån sån
Snyggaste läraren i skolan?
-Ahhh jätkinas jumppa lärare, Jonas(heter han så?)
Vilka ämnen tänker du skriva i studenten?
-Just nu: spanksa, engelska, finska, svenska, biolla, kemma, fyssa och långmatta
Fulaste plagget du har?
-coming up i ett annat inlägg med bilder!
Jos saisit kolme toivomusta mitä toivoisit?
-Boyfriend, uus iphone ja ehjä poski
Varifårn kommer bebisar?
-Först från en spermie å ett ägg sedan ut ur moderns underliv. Har du inte följt med på timmarna?
Har du prövat att skala en banan med bara munnen?
-Närå det har jag inte
Vad tycker du om vår la clase de 12C?
-Seko :D eiku iha sika kiva ja kaikki on chillei
Favorit ämne i skolan?
-Ingenting, kanske psykka?
Favorit frukt?
Favorit tränings-timme?
-core, zumba, bodypump
Hur spenderar du helst ett veckuslut (fre, lö, sö)?
-fredag fest, lördag chilldill hos nån kaveri, söndag midda me tjejukkorna
Favorit sommar minne?
-gothia cup 2011, rhodos 2012
Favorit nya kaverin?
-becci, nysten, salla, pate, lyra å andra små skitar
Minkälaisen talon/apartmentin haluisit?
-coming up
Just nu: sinkku eller förhållande?
-Förhållande sku passa fint

Hur e ett perfekt veckoslut?
- Fest, mycket mat, bra sällskap, filmer, mys, galna stunder, slöande



okay guys you have only this day left to leave some questions to the question post. I'll try to answer them tomorrow! but now I have to go. adios



Friday!!!! Finally. So Im now in the bus after running with my prestrained thigh.. And it hurts, that's what you get for starting walking too late.. Im meeting up with Freja and Milla at sökö and then Lasse is driving us to the camp. Have a nice weekend everyone!

cause maybe, your gonna be the one that saves me


It's already thursday... YEY! Tomorrow Im going to this church camp thing. Hhaha. Sounds booring, but it's usually so much fun. This week I haven't done so much. Yesterday my granny came over, we played uno cards and yatzy. Today, I've been with my chica Anna. We mostly talked and watched TV. Now I have to clean my room and pack for the camp.


In the memory of those who died. Rest in peace.



So I decided to have..... QUESTON TIME!! Wuupwuup. Ask questions about everything and nothing. It doesn't ahve to be about me. For example: which came first the egg or the chicken? HAhahhaha. But yeah, I'll answer the question at the end of the week. HIT ME! update: ask some normal questions too XD



I feel so old.. I remember when I was 10, and I thought I was old back then. Well today I'll try to do some fitness cycling and some muscle training at home, even though my thigh is still hurting. But I can't stop right now, Im so close to be satisfied with my body, it just need a little more exercising. Okay alot of exercising.. Hahahhaa. But I wanna get in form, because konveten (the 1st graders welcome party) is coming up and the team is sexy sport. And right now I don't feel or look that sexy. So there's my goal right now. To get in fit for the konventen. And after that stay that way, ahahhaha. Long post sorry guys.

dream away

photo of my ugly card to my sis...
After a great weekend, Im off to my bed for the night to dream away. Tomorrow a new week starts with my lil sis' bday. She's turning 10! My little girl is growing up...

dance with your heart

 After a crazy night with my friends and a terrible night filled with bad dreams, Im happy to be awake and feeling good. Today I have dance, but I don't know if I can dance because my left thigh is prestrained. So I'll maybe have to sit and watch this time. Hopefully not because I wan't to dance.

it's saturday!!!


This crazy girl is going out with her friends, and she's going to have FUN!

wowtshika wauwaaau

Argh. Fuck I wrote this long post for you guys and then I messed up some how. So typical me. Now you'll just get a short summary. Yesterday I met up with Alex. It was nice catching up with him. Had this crazy idea, so I found my self 20.50 in kirkkonummi. My friends came after me with a moped car and then we drove to the party house, crisus place. I had alot of fun! New people and some old friends. Perfect. Then daddy picked me up after midnight. Perfect day.
Today Im meeting up with Sofia in the libary. We're going to do some studying and I suppouse we're just gonna end up talking at a café. Anyways later today Im hopefully meeting up with Hanna. And we shall see what happens tonight.

on the days I canät see your eyes, I don't even want to open my


Don't have anything to sya right now. It's just school, friends, homework, dance.. Nothing interesting at all. And yes I will start taking outfit photos as soon I've found my camera.. Hehhehe.

tuesday the fifth

This day really sucked. I was mad and sad all the time. Crazy huh. Well now Im home doing my history essay and then I have dance lesson. After the dance lesson I might go for a run jsut to clear my head.

It's no fun to be thinking about the future, when you know it will hurt you.

I really just wish that everything could get back to normal. Just go back 6months. Almost everything was perfect back then. But now everything and everybody is starting to change. It's not that I don't like changes, I do. But this change Im not ready for. It just feels like I've lost grip of my own life. Maybe the change is for the best, but it will and it does still hurt. I know that everything good must come to an end, but some things you just wish you could have forever.
I thought coming to a "new school" would be fun, that I would start to learn new people and still have my old friends. So far as Im concerned this is the suckiest school start ever. Right know it feels like it's going to be the worst year in my life. Yes I've got to know new people, but it feels like I've lost some old. And Im not good in loosing something, never have been never going to be. It hurts. But maybe I now finally get to see who's really is there for me, and who's not. It will hurt, but I'll get stronger. I will.
There's one thing lightning up my day in school. It's to see that perfect face with the always welcoming smile. At those times I feel happy. Im starting to sound like Blair Waldorff.. Hahahah. But still.
Ciao Bellas, gotta get to school!

steady wine

 New week started today! The week started pretty good, went over to Annas place after school. We cooked noodel shrimp wook and then I had dance practise. Feels so good to have three regular lessons I have to be on. Loving life right now. Here's a youtube video for a typical dancehall choreography!

welcome september

When you have fun the time flies. This weekend I decided to be with my friends, and that mission is accomplished. I've met new and old friend, and it feels awesome. Now Im going to do some maths and then just take a good night sleep.


 After a day of knowing what Im going to do in the evening til' not knowing, I ended up at HKI with Meri. We went to the movies, and watched TED. For the first time in my life I can say that the movie was bad. I usually like movies, seldom find them bad. But this one, it just was wierd. Yes some good jokes here and there, but somehow not the movie for me. And the bear was scary and disgusting. But here's the trailer anyways.

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