monday inspiration

Craving for a tattoo, converse with studs, cozy evenings with magazines. 

autumn inspiration

Here I am again. Hehhehe. Im so gonna fuck up this test. Well hopefully I'll get a 5- and get through the class. I don't feel like taking it again. Anyways here's a little autumn inspiration, cause the autumn started today. First october ya'll. I want new clothes, shoes, knitted, leo pattern, woolly hat, candles, a boyfriend, cozy, hugs, kisses, parties, hot chocolate, warm and long scarfs...


The catwalk says it. Buy leather pants. They look absolutly amazing... Dreamdreamdream.

huge cravings....

It's dangerous to lock me inside our house for several hours. I have such huge cravings for these things. Simple with a colorful bag. It's MK or nothing, seriously. Someone please buy me one. Need more of those simple tees, a new little bit biker inspired leather jacket and black rubber boots for the fall. Perfect. Would wear these anytime.


I have such BIG cravings on leo pants. Me and leo pattern. A year ago I would have thrown up even of the thought. But now, I have to have them. Have to. I want them to be greyish with not so sharp pattern. Perfect. If anyone knows where I can find something like that, let me know!!!
A question to you guys: what do you want me to write about, what do you want to see more of in the blog, and should I do a brief summary in swedish in every post?
Let me know, so I can continue making the blog better and stuff!


Monday inspiration. Balmain makes me want big masculin, but still feminine clothes. I. want. everything.


Amazing if you ask me. She's stunning. You found her here. And her name is Lina, Lina Lundin.

Some inspirational pictures


Guess who has hairdresser today? Yep it's ME!! Danne I can hear you say: YOU DON'T SAY! ahhahah... In about an hour my hairdresser starts. Coolmaan. And you'll see the result today or tomorrow. Like the title says, here's inspirational pictures for different hairstyles and colors.



Im getting weak when I see these pictures! So beautiful and I adore that outfit. Visit her blog here

I hate Google Chrome and Firefox. Both have problems with showing the pictures as I like. Argh. But here's some pictures, but not the way I wanted them to be.


that outfit... I WANT!!


to die for!

could die to have these




Here's one collage of must haves from NYC. And it's not like I want precise those clothes, just something that reminds of them, it you understand. Then I have a question for you: which shops should I go to in NYC? please help me out and comment some shops and where they are to me. Im a bit helpless, heheh.



I wanna have this dangerously hot sexy blonde hair, with lenght and volyme. Just look at them, so stunning and mysterious. Perfect. Soon I'll be back as blonde, soon.

can't wait to go around in just shorts and a leather jacket.. ahh

Happy girl sitting here! My scooter is working, I got to sleep 1h more than usuall, school starts at 9:45 and it's friday tomorrow. N I C E ! Todays plans are shopping food and stuff like that, and drive them to my fathers work cottage. Cause tomorrow me and some friends are gonna hit the place.


visit my tumblr blog:



Ah I want: crosses, bracelets, earrings, sweaters, shoes in the colors of red, white, black and grey...

tori parver is AMAZING

Vitamina A/W '12 Campaign
Vitamina A/W '12 Campaign
Just look at Tori, she looks stunning in these clothes!!! But today was one of those laugh at everything days. Went with Danne and Oskari to Mcdonalds. I don't remember when I laughed the last time this much. So I had very fun! Now I should go to the gym..



Ah I want these clothes. Short shorts with nice details, transparent shirts and bustiers, sunglasses and a black leather jacket and a jeans jacket + cool details. I WANT SPRING! I WANT SUMMER!

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