Well what can I say. New years eve wasn't even close to what I expected. I had a blast and the night was amazing. Although I cried for 80% of the night. Hahahah it isn't always easy to be a teenager. But at 00.00 when the year change I let go of everything old and every bad thing, and started to think about all the stuff I have right now and infront of me. My dad picked me up and I laid down in my bed around 2-3 o'clock. Like everybody else Im going to do a flashback from 2012, but that's not until later this week. Im so done with 2012, 2013 we're gonna have so much fun!


Soon Im over to Nicoles place for New years eve partying with my beautiful girls! Happy new year everyone. 2012 was amazing but Im looking forward to 2013 so much. 

saturday night out

Im heading for the woods once again. It's time for Beccys and Lyras sweet 16th birthday party, and the theme is wild western and cowboy. First Im going with Anna to Nicoles place to watch project X and then we're heading for the party bus to the woods. Have nice evening!


FINALLY WEEKEND! And Im starting it with going to a party with almost all my friends. LOVING IT!

wowtshika wauwaaau

Argh. Fuck I wrote this long post for you guys and then I messed up some how. So typical me. Now you'll just get a short summary. Yesterday I met up with Alex. It was nice catching up with him. Had this crazy idea, so I found my self 20.50 in kirkkonummi. My friends came after me with a moped car and then we drove to the party house, crisus place. I had alot of fun! New people and some old friends. Perfect. Then daddy picked me up after midnight. Perfect day.
Today Im meeting up with Sofia in the libary. We're going to do some studying and I suppouse we're just gonna end up talking at a café. Anyways later today Im hopefully meeting up with Hanna. And we shall see what happens tonight.

let's go, last party for the summer

the cobra snake
Had an amazing evening yesterday! We had a surprise goodbye party for Antonia&Olle. Antonia drives the famous blog dirtyglam (click on the name for entering the blog). I don't remember when I've danced that much. Fun. And they were so surprised, you should have seen their faces... Sadly I don't have photos from the evening. But today me and my friends are gonna party at our last summer party! We're going hardcore, just so you know.



photos from right now, taken with webcam
Yesyesyes! Didn't have to go to my grandmothers/fathers cabin today, instead I get to celebrate my girl Nicole. She has birthday today, 16 years! Wohooo. HAPPY BDAY MY GIRL <3 Have a nice sunday guys!

friday 13th


having a great time with my friends! hope your having a good time too. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELLA who has her birthdat today!!!!!!!! she's in the picture with me



Im on my way to celebrate my birthday (little bit late..) with all my girls! So happy right now! It's going to be AMAZING. see you tomorrow!

no pictures

Guess what? We had a surprise party to Ellen! YEY! It was so fun and she was so surprised I think? Hhahah.. I just gotta say that I love my friends and every body on the same grade as Im on. Sorry forgot the camera at home so no picutres. Well now Im going to catch some sleep. Ciao bellas!

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