Yesterday I was babysitting these two kids. A six years old girl and a 8 years old boy. But the special thing was that this boy was autistic. Which meant that he was living in his on world, didn't talk and stuff like that. Luckily for me his autism wasn't that bad so he reacted when I spoke to him and he nod and shook his head as an answer. 
It really got me thinking. Im so lucky that Im healthy, and that my everybody in my family is too. I know it doesn't mean that he isn't healthy and stuff. What I mean is that it's hard for both his family and for him self. Or I don't know, maybe he is happy just the way he is. Because he doesn't know better. He's happy in his own world. But for his family I guess it's hard. It may be hard to understand why he does things the way he does, and what's the problem when he gets hysterical. It's hard to find nannys who connect with the him and doesn't get scared. But it also very giving I think. You get a new perspective of life. Or for me one night with him changed mine. 
He was all the time so happy. Happy reading one of his book, happy swinging in the swing... I guess I wish I would be that happy. He was so lovable. When I hugged him good night he did this weird happy sound and looked at me in the eye. It felt like he would have been totally normal and nothing would be wrong. He was so kind, happy and had so much love to share.
I know there is nothing wrong with these kind of disabilities. But I wish they didn't exist. I don't know if people who have this disability are happier than we are, but it feels wrong that they won't live as long as we do and that they always will need help to do something. He isn't the first autistic child I met, but he is the one who made me think. And I wish him all the best, and I look forward babysitting him again!


2012-12-09 @ 21:14:10

oi jenkki va fint du skriver, tårarna bara rann.. haha puss!

Svar: voinejj :) men tack! puss

2012-12-09 @ 21:36:15

Din engelska e helt sjukt bra! Fast ja int ha treffa ett ända barn me autism så fick din text o mej o tänka just på samma saker som du skrev om så du skriver nog helt jätte bra:)

Svar: hihihih tackii! :) de e pårikit helt awesome att få "jobba"/träffa sådana! man börjar pårikit tänka efter!

2012-12-11 @ 17:57:42

You are writint so well. That one got me thinking too! :)

Svar: thank you :)

2012-12-11 @ 21:17:27

You don't only write well, you really arouse feeling in me. From now on this will be one of my favourite blogs :)!

Svar: wow, so glad to hear that :) thank you!!

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