fall break


I've torally forgot to tell you that my fall break starts tomorrow and Im on the ship heading to Sweden. Wohooo.. Im going to do some neccessary shopping. Blog to you mote when Im home on saturday. Kisses


Everyday we woke up at 9.30 and ate breakfast, put some sunscreen on and went to the beach. Tanning, swimming and talking for the next 6 hours. After that we went to the hotel, showered, chilled, listened to music and started to prepare us for the night. Dinner with my mum and some of her friends. After this me and ellen went to the bar street for partying. We mostly danced and talked to people. The feeling there was incredable! We had to be back at the hotel 2.30 in the night. We stayed out evert night except for one. Then we just bought cookies, candy and soda and went to the hotel after the dinner. Had a wonderful week in rhodos. And I want to thank everyong who made it so amaxing. Especially my mum who came with us!!!

rhodos 7.7-14.7

photos from my last voyage to rhodos 2009
Im finally gonna tell you about the voyage! So Im going to Rhodos, Greece on saturday morning. As company I have my bestie and my mum. We're staying at Hotel Marie. The plans are tanning, chilling, partying and having lots of fun. And I won't blog during the time I'll be there.

day 5 aka last day


So this is the last day and my last chance to blog here. I'll come home 23.40 (finnish time) but we have to be 16.40 (uk time) at the airport. we are going to take a look at harrords and then just chill. see you tomorrow!! photo from yesterday

day 4


rainy day today.. went to westminister abby and I gotta say it was interesting. I almost didn't want to leave, somehow it just took my breath away. after wma we went to new look and spend like 1-2 hours there. heheheh. well got 2shirts, 1 pair of shoes, a scarf and some jewerllies with me. then we went to accessories and hollister. now we're at the hotel and soon we will leave for queen musical. tomorrow evening we're taking the flight back home. and someone asked about the shopping, and yes I will show you everything when I come home.

day 3


my feets are starting to hurt so much.. today we went to madame tussauds and london zoo. as I said eariler Im not an attraction person but it sas fine anyways. around 5-6 we took the underground back to piccadilly circus for some shopping. I bought a pair of white converse and then I helped my brother to buy shoes and clothes. the only attraction left is westminister abby, and then shopping for the rest of the trip!!! relieved. but I only have 100£ left, but I still get something. no photos today either.. argh

day 2


Walked around the tower. it was pretty interesting, but Im not an attraction human, so when we went shopping I got a smile on my face. went to primark and spend like 2-3hours there. found so much, but the queue to the fitting rooms was so long and you could only take 8pieces of clothes to the fitting room, that I had to through away clothes that looked nice. but I still bought like 5shirts, 4belts and a small black bag. the we looked for abercrombie and that took a while. when se finaly found the store I just bought a perfume for my mum and my brother bought a hoodie. Underground to piccadilly circus to watch Thriller Live musical. it was sooo goood! amazing singers and dancers. and of course we have eaten!!! sadly no photos from today cause the wifi is slooooow.. brandon danne ;)

day 1


so we just walked around london and I bought a pair of black converse! as you can see I have fred wifi at my hotel, wuhuuu. so I'll be able to update you every day Im here. here's som pictures from today



pictures from right now
So I'll try to blog while Im there, but I don't promise anything. Gotta go! Ciaoooo

Information about my London voyage


picture from tumblr
About the London voyage then. Im going there with my brother and my grandparents from dads side. Ther reason why Im going there is because my grandparents want to take all the grandchildren on a voyage. I'll be there 4.6-9.6., so basically the first week of summer vacation. We have tickets to both Michael Jackson and Queen musicals. And then we'll probably just go watch attractions and go shopping. Yey. Can't belive Im leaving on monday!

LONDON 4.6-9.6


Totally forgot to tell you guys that Im going to London in 2 weeks! Excited! Im going there with my grandparents (dad's parents) and my brother. Nicenice. Well more about it closer to the trip.

My story in New York

I got this trip as a confirmation gift from my parents. For me it was the best gift someone could have ever given to me. So when the 4th of May finaly came, I couldn't even sit cause I was so excited. We went to the airport and had some lunch, shopped some candy at the tax free shops. Oh and I travelled with my mum.

We flyed with Finnair, my personal favorite flight company. The flight took less than 9 hours, and at JFK's airport we had to wait like 1h for coming thourgh the security check. Here you couldn't even use your phone in the line without some security personal coming and scream that it's forbidden. After the security check we got our suitcases and got a cab and drove to out hotel: Hilton New York. It was on the Avenue of the Americans (6th Ave.) and it was just a few blocks from Central Park. You actually saw the park when you came out of the hotel. Because of the amazing time difference between FIN and USA we had to stroll around to get in to the new time zone. It was hard because FIN is 11h before USA...
The real first day in New York we took the hop on, hop off bus to downtown Manhattan. We walked by ground zero and the new wtc tower to the big department store Century21. We spent like 2-3hours there.. And alot we got with us. We contiuned to walk up to Soho, to shop in the shops there. After this day we were both so tired tht we fell asleep like babies.

On sunday we decided to get some picnic food and go to the Central Park for a picnic. It was such a good weather and I would have killed to have bikini on. We shoped at 5th Ave. and on Times Square. The queue to the Empire State Building was so long. You can't even imagen. I think we stood in line like 1-2h. It was crazy, but so worth it! This was also the first day I got free wifi at a place, can you guess where? At a Burger King! Wierd..

On monday we went to Jersey Garden Mall in New Jersey. It's this big mall with many store outlets. Cool. In the evening we went to a Broadway musical, The Ghost. It was amazing, and I loved it!! I only have 2 pictures from that day...

Then we have the last hoel day of my trip, Tuesday. We were pretty tired of shopping at this point so we just went to abercrombie and a supermarket to but candy. Drop of the bags at the hotel and just started walking randomly. Ended up at Madam Tussauds.

On wednesday we just basicalyy packed everything and just chilled at the room. Went to the airport after we checked out and had a 9h flight back. Came home today in the morning. The actual shopping you'll see in an other post some day near, or maybe alreayd today. We'll see.

And yes, these pictures are taken by me


Well Hello again! Long time no see, right? So the trip was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but more about that in a post which I shall post probably later today. I came home today in the morning and then went to school. Crazy huh. Im a bit tired but I have to read to my english test which is tomorrow. Great. But here's some pics, more in the post about New York.


With over 60 new songs on my iPhone, I'll say BYEBYE see you in 7 days!!!!!
Sorry that the pictures are so small.. I haven't still fixed to problem with google chorme
or firefox.. But when I come home I will do it!



Im talking to bestie whos right now in Dubai. Not at all jealous or something.. Here's some pictures from dubai when I were there last year!



So excited! In may Im going to NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my confirmation gift, and Im so thrilled. This is the big news I was telling you about. hehehe. It's just little bit over a month before I leave. Im going with my mum to NYC for 5-6 days. And we will shop until' we drop. Well that's it for today. I baked one cake layer, the other had bad eggs in it so my brother said that iit tasted like poop.. Hhahaha. wellwell. Need to go to the shower.

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