i hear your heart beat

I've decided to write in english again. Hahhahah. Don't know why but it feels more natural to write in english. Im going to do some post in swedish (when ever I feel like it) but for now it's going to be english. I've given my blog a lot of thought, and I've also decided that Im going to write about different stuff. Last may I wrote about what you're going to regret on your death bed and I just read again. So from here on Im going to write about different things once or twice a month. i'll do it because I like writing and I need to improve my english and writing skills. Today Im doing the first one. So stay tuned for it. 




baby take my hand, I'll be your lover tonight


Chilledill skoldag bakom. Nu väntar jag på mamma så vi går å fixar mitt busskort. Efter det bärs det ganska så snabbt av till stan, för vi skall kolla med mussa gruppen på operan trollflöjten. Här har ni en bild på dagens sköna outfit.

when you get what you want, but not what you need

Jag är såå trött! Och så har jag till påköpet träningsvärk i hela kroppen. Goda nyheterna är att mina träningar börjar först om tre timmar, men de dåliga är att jag måste fara på dom och vi har queenstyle koreografi, som betyder att vi står och sheikar i varje tänkande position, och det tar på varje ben/rump muskel som finns. Men efter dagens träning är jag ett steg närmare min dream body. Man måste väll tänka positivt? Andra dåliga nyheten är att jag glömde fyssa sakerna i skolan och vi skall imorgon lämna in fyssa inlämnings uppiifter. Greatmate. Som ni märker har jag övergått till att skriva på svenska. Känns på något vis bättre för stunden och dessutom måste jag öva på min svenska. Oj vad långt det här blev. Men så är det väll när man slipper i farten?


Shirt-Primark, Pants-Guess, Shoes-Neccessary clothing, Jacket-Only.
PS. Sorry for the bad quality

crazy beautiful life


I know you want to see good photos of the outfit, but I just basically have time right now to take the photos with my camera and the upload them on my computer. But after the testweek Im going to take better photos. But now I have to get back to my history book

history test reading continues


schoolschool and school


After five hours of doinh school stuff Im so exhusted.. Did some math, english, did the last things on the history essay and the read to my history test. Oh and I helped my sister to read to her biology test. Tomorrow is a day free from school, except for the part when Im in school.. Hahahahhahaha.



Just three pages left of my history essay, and I already done my english homework. Proud girl here. Im gonna eat my thai cube and then finnish my history essay.

3 outfits from last week


todays outfit


Shorts; Levis, Shoes; Converse, Tubetop; Terranova, Shirt; Ginatricot, Accessories; different shops

todays: simple + my new profile picture !

my new pp!


pants; ginatricot, shoes; converse, jacket; peak perfomance, scarf; only, collar shirt; old one, jersey; only

party like a rock star, look like a movie star, play like a allstar and fuck like a pornstar

So in love with fridays! My plans are meeting up with bestie, and then some grilling with some chics. Sounds good to me. Here you have the outfit for today! Have a good day.

champions train, losers complain

After 2 hours of training and a good lunch Im going to watch some pll. Put on my soft, comfy dress and a jeans shirt on top of it. Later I might go meet some friends, or then I stay home and watch germany vs italy. But here's some beauty stuff I bought yesterday. Shampoo and conditioner from Wella. Skin cleaning thing from Nivea. Lipbalsam from Clover Vaselin. Thoothcream from pepsodent. And the I bought these tissues that takes the make-up away.

everybodys lookin for love


photos from right now, taken with webcam
Blogg.se has changed, but I think it's for the better side. Yesterday was so much fun, had my camera with me but no pictures where taken with it. Today I tanned and watched my sisters camp perfomance. Soon I'll meet up with Soffi and then we're going to the cliffs with everybody else! Just my luck, I took to you photos of my outfit and today, but now my camera isn't working and I can't find the cable so I could connect my camera and computer...

this was my outfit 1hour ago, before I made a smoothie....




shirt- primark (london), shorts- levis, shoes-converse(london)

pictures from today


Todays outfit: Jeans skirt (ginatricot) and shortsdress (made by me) + fake JC (necessary clothing)

video outfit


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