picture from tumblr
After a day full of laughter and talks Im ready to jump in my bed.





Ask questions about everything and nothing. Hihi kisses!

Feeling Good

Im so proud of my self. I went to the zumba and shaked my ass off, and now it feels great. I have like 1-3 episodes left of Pretty Little Liars season 2. Sooooooo exciting!!!



You didn't have to stoop so low


pictures from right now
Yesterday I had school from 9:15-13:00. We just talked about how to eat well and how to feel good. Ella, Anna, Soffi and I went to a park after school ended. After a while Soffi went home, and we continued our way to MCD. Sat there for like 1 hour and then we got cold and drove to Ellas place. 18:55 me and Ella went to Bodyattack. And I just gotta say I was s tired and probably won't be able to walk to day.. Hhahhahah.
This day will pretty mych go like this: school (9:30-13:00) with just a dancelesson and slowfashion. After that home to watch some PLL before Im meeting Tiiu at Sello shopping mall. And then 20.00 I've promised Anna to come to the zumba lesson.

22:11 monday


pictures of my sheets and bed!
Soon I'll creep up in my bed and sleep in the worlds comfiest and most good looking sheets ever. Ahh. Sleep tight you goregeus people out there!

Ella and Anna


Anna and I like 2 weeks ago
Chilling at Ellas place with Anna and Ella ofc. Soon Im heading for the gym.



Here's some pictures from the dance show, or mainly before the show started. Im the one with blonde curly hair, with spitz shirt and jeans shorts. And all the pictures are stolen from Amys fb. And here's also our muisc which we danced to.

pictures from today


Todays outfit: Jeans skirt (ginatricot) and shortsdress (made by me) + fake JC (necessary clothing)

Back again


picture from right now
Dead as hell. The wedding was absolutly amazing, and my aunt looked stunning! Didn't get that much sleep and then I had dance perfomance in the morning. So Im pretty tired. Don't know what Im doing to day, maybe nothing maybe something. But pictures and everything lateroooo.

mercy, give me some mercy


Today Im leaving to turku for the wedding I've been talking about. The actual wedding is tomorrow but we are going there earlier to medt up with our friend family! Here's also a bad picture of me and my new hair. You'll see it better in the pictures from the wedding. Laterooo

öppna din dörr


It's not about what we've done, it's about what we're doing


The pictures are from tuesday
Im in love with the weather, it's like +20 or something. But todays plans are extra dance lesson, so Henni and Annie will come to my place before the lesson, and then we'll all go together there. NICE



Wore these absolutely amazing and comfy shorts! Ahh.. The only bad thing about them is that they are a bit flashy from behind. So almost half of my ass is flashing every little once a while. Bad how ever I love them.

Some inspirational pictures


Guess who has hairdresser today? Yep it's ME!! Danne I can hear you say: YOU DON'T SAY! ahhahah... In about an hour my hairdresser starts. Coolmaan. And you'll see the result today or tomorrow. Like the title says, here's inspirational pictures for different hairstyles and colors.



Im getting weak when I see these pictures! So beautiful and I adore that outfit. Visit her blog here


Hellooooo! Im at Nicoles plac right now. We just tanned and talked about stuff. Love this girl!

video outfit




Somehow Im not so interested to read to the test.. And by the time I got home our garden was shadowed. So no tanning or reading to the test have I done. Great! Well now Im going to push my self to read, adn remind me that this really is my last test.



I had a doctors appoiktment so I were only 1,5 lesson in school! And no I dont have any serious problema or anything. Chilled with danne in the sun, and it was burning hot! Specially when I had dark blue jeans on... The rest of the day im going to spend in the sun reading to my test! Last test before summer vacation!!!

LONDON 4.6-9.6


Totally forgot to tell you guys that Im going to London in 2 weeks! Excited! Im going there with my grandparents (dad's parents) and my brother. Nicenice. Well more about it closer to the trip.

All the things Im keeping inside


Picture form friday
My plans changed a bit. Instead of go training I took a walk with besite and watched a movie. Still working on the song, but I think it's finished. Hopefully. So I just have to read to the test.

Dream on


Yesterday I went to a amusment park named Linnanmäki. As company I had Danne, Nicole, Henkka and Oskari. We had so much fun and the weather was AMAZING! After the day there we decided to come to my place for some grilling.
Todays plans are finishing the song for the wedding, read to my last test this year and then go training.

picture is taken from nadja


And when it does happen. You don't know what to do.



Friday!! Wohooo. Todays plans are party and sleepover with Danne. Sounds pretty good for mer. Here you have my outfit today. Have a nice friday guys!

mini V

Today is the day when Jesus went up to the heaven to join his father. And that's why I have a min vacation today. No school and all stores are closed. But I still have to read to my finish test which is tomorrow and do the song for the wedding.

Yesterday & Today


Yesterday I went to Soffis place for some tanning and chilling. Had my third last dancehall fusion lesson as well. Next week we have this spring show, and I still don't know the steps. Hehe..
Today I have been so tired, never been this tired I think. Nothing speciall, except that I finally bought a dress+shoes for the wedding next week. You'll see them then. Or something. But now I'll have to work on that song for the wedding. And here you have the days outfit. Change it a bit after school.

Things you regret or will regret

This is going to be a long post about nothing, or it's about regreting. So if you don't want to read my thoughts skip this!

Im suppoused to write an essay about things you will regret at your deathbed. According to many sources persons at their deathbed regret big things, such as why didn't they work less or live a more happy life. Why did they break the contact with their best friend or merry an alcoholist. At this point of life you don't even remember the annoying boss, or that bitch who talked shit about you. You just regret that you didn't live the life you now would have wanted.
But will we ever be pleased with the life we lived, or are living right now?

When your young, you regret stuff like why didn't I talk to my crush or why did I talk to him/her? Why did I write that comment or ever wear that piece of clothing. Things like that aren't life changing (well they can be, but usually not), and when your older you won't even remember them.

Of course I have things that I regret, similar to the ones I've said. I actually regret alot, but the most I've forgot at this point. It's right to regret things and you should. When you regret you show feelings and that you really cared about something/someone. But never regret too long, it's not healthy and you don't feel well. Regreting show as well compassion and sorrow. You should regret the bad things you done, but never regret something that ones made you smile. Cause at that moment it seemed like the best idea ever.

And the question is, do we regret more things we did or didn't do?

For myself I have to say I regret more things that I haven't done. Alot of things could have been different if I just would have the courage to do some of them. I regret of course things that I've done, but it's usually bad things. Like screaming to my parents or saying something bad to someone. That kind of stuff I regret doing. But as I said earlier:
Don't ever regret something that ones made you smile. Cause at the moment it seemed like the best idea ever.
Otherwise I think people regret more things that they haven't done. It's easier to regret stuff like that. It's hard to regret someting that you have done, cause your basically saying to your self that you failed. And which person would like to feel like that often.

Greetings from the couch


The workout was the solution. Tonights plans are Pretty Little Liars and Desperet Housewifes. Gotta love my new ab&f shorts, so comfy!

It's remarkable


This is not my day, just sayin. I think Im going to the gym for a hardcore training pass. Ciao


Okay here's finally my shopping from NYC. I don't know if I remembered to photgraph everything, but here's like atleast 98% of the stuff. They look better in real! But you'll see them better in outfit photos. I forgot to put the stores for the yellow dress and green skirt. The yellow dress is from F21 and the gren on is from Necessary Clothing. And the underwears in the first photo are from Vicorias secret.

guess what


I've totally forgot to tell you that: I GOT EXCEPTED TO EXPLORIOUS! It's really happening, I have a place as an exchange student through their organisation. Amazing.



I've been all day at my grandparents, celebrating the mothers day. Now Im in the car on my way home to read to my religion test. Here's my outfit from today, I bought everything except the fish necklace, from nyc. More of the shopping is on the way!!! You just have to wait a little while still.



I wanna wish every mothers out there a happy mothers day. Love you Mum <3


The camp was alot of fun. Just chilled and so. Now Im home, my plans for tonight change.. Im just gonna instead read to my religion test (wippiee...).



Here's some pictures from nyc that I took with my iphone! Otherwise Im going to a "camp" today. It's for when Im becoming a helper on confirmation and children camps. Im staying there over night and the hole staurday. I'll try to post something but I don't promise anything. Have a fabulous friday!!">" class="image">" class="image">" class="image">" class="image">" class="image">

My story in New York

I got this trip as a confirmation gift from my parents. For me it was the best gift someone could have ever given to me. So when the 4th of May finaly came, I couldn't even sit cause I was so excited. We went to the airport and had some lunch, shopped some candy at the tax free shops. Oh and I travelled with my mum.

We flyed with Finnair, my personal favorite flight company. The flight took less than 9 hours, and at JFK's airport we had to wait like 1h for coming thourgh the security check. Here you couldn't even use your phone in the line without some security personal coming and scream that it's forbidden. After the security check we got our suitcases and got a cab and drove to out hotel: Hilton New York. It was on the Avenue of the Americans (6th Ave.) and it was just a few blocks from Central Park. You actually saw the park when you came out of the hotel. Because of the amazing time difference between FIN and USA we had to stroll around to get in to the new time zone. It was hard because FIN is 11h before USA...
The real first day in New York we took the hop on, hop off bus to downtown Manhattan. We walked by ground zero and the new wtc tower to the big department store Century21. We spent like 2-3hours there.. And alot we got with us. We contiuned to walk up to Soho, to shop in the shops there. After this day we were both so tired tht we fell asleep like babies.

On sunday we decided to get some picnic food and go to the Central Park for a picnic. It was such a good weather and I would have killed to have bikini on. We shoped at 5th Ave. and on Times Square. The queue to the Empire State Building was so long. You can't even imagen. I think we stood in line like 1-2h. It was crazy, but so worth it! This was also the first day I got free wifi at a place, can you guess where? At a Burger King! Wierd..

On monday we went to Jersey Garden Mall in New Jersey. It's this big mall with many store outlets. Cool. In the evening we went to a Broadway musical, The Ghost. It was amazing, and I loved it!! I only have 2 pictures from that day...

Then we have the last hoel day of my trip, Tuesday. We were pretty tired of shopping at this point so we just went to abercrombie and a supermarket to but candy. Drop of the bags at the hotel and just started walking randomly. Ended up at Madam Tussauds.

On wednesday we just basicalyy packed everything and just chilled at the room. Went to the airport after we checked out and had a 9h flight back. Came home today in the morning. The actual shopping you'll see in an other post some day near, or maybe alreayd today. We'll see.

And yes, these pictures are taken by me


Well Hello again! Long time no see, right? So the trip was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but more about that in a post which I shall post probably later today. I came home today in the morning and then went to school. Crazy huh. Im a bit tired but I have to read to my english test which is tomorrow. Great. But here's some pics, more in the post about New York.


With over 60 new songs on my iPhone, I'll say BYEBYE see you in 7 days!!!!!
Sorry that the pictures are so small.. I haven't still fixed to problem with google chorme
or firefox.. But when I come home I will do it!

I hate Google Chrome and Firefox. Both have problems with showing the pictures as I like. Argh. But here's some pictures, but not the way I wanted them to be.


the feeling when your brother is singing in the shower cause he thinks his all alone in the house...

I CAN'T PUT ANY PICTURES :( IM SORRY BLOGG.SE IS CLEARLY MESSING WITH ME!! I can't see the bar thing where you can choose different things, if you know what I mean. Anyways, this day has been pretty chill. After the school I went to Nillas place for some catching up. We just talked and ate. Ou and then I had my interview for the exchange student thing. I think it went pretty bad, but the interviewer thought of my as a wonder child. Hahahha. "You have a such good english!!! WOOOW!" And I pretty much failed the english part. I forgot every word I can. But it must have went fine according to her. She even said that it's very wierd if I don't get to go with their organisation. So that's good. Ahh and Im leaving tomorrow to NEW YORK!! Wuhuuu. Congratz if you read the hole post!


Ou yes, I think you know why I haven't been blogging. I have a test tomorrow! WIPPIE!!! Hope you hear the sarcasm.. Otherwise I was suppoused to color my hair today, but then my hairdresser couldn't make it today. He had double booked him self. Great. So no color in this hair for 2 weeks. Change my money today to USA dollars. Hihihi yes, Im leaving on friday. Heaven.

1st of may

My vappu was like the usual. Food, tv, sleep and games. Went home at 4 in the night, so I've been very tired today. Today we went to a restaurant with my cousin fmaily and some friend familys. Good food and we saw Kimi Räikkönen at the restaurant. But now I gotta catch some sleep. Ahh.. 2 days until NYC

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