Like everybody else I exercise to get my dream body. I do also exercise because I wan't to be healthy and feel good about my self. But it so much more than just going to gym and eating healthy. It's a life style.
Right now I have this what I called healthy-period. It's a period were I train insane and eat healthy. My mission is to loose little bit weight and get fitter. I wan't to be the girl everybody talks about. Not like OMG did you hear what she did.. Blablabla. I wan't people to be like look at her! She's lost weight and she's so fit. I would like to have her body and stuff like that. Few days ago I found a photo which said: I wan't my boyfriends friends to be jealous of him. And there was a girl with a lovely fit belly. I wan't to be that girl. Not that I have a boyfriend or anything, hhahahhaha..
I've been exercising and eating healthy for 3 weeks now, and I can see some changes. They aren't that big, but you do see them if you know how I looked before. I've been exercising for 4-6 times a week and eating healthy all the time. No cheating. When Im satisfied with my body I will upload some before and after photos too inspire people who are going through the same thing as Im going through. And no, Im not saying that everyone should loose weight and get thin and fit. I just wan't everybody to be happy and comfortable with them selfs. 
I've suffered every week of muscle soreness, sometimes worse sometimes easier pain. But I've learned to appreciate the pain. It means that I've done something right and that my muscles are getting fitter. I love to drive my self to the point where I don't even know how Im going to walk to the bus station.
As I already told I want to loose weight. But that's still not the most important thing. I want to look fit. I want and Im going to get that thigh gap, a flat belly and fit arms. Im just going to get them. I don't care for how long it will take, I won't stop until I have them. For so long I've been uncomfortable with my body and not liked to show my self in shorts and bikinis. Even though I've always have had an normal weight and looked normal. And I just decided that Im not going to look at my self being miserable with my self. Next summer I want to be happy about how I look. I want to, want to put bikinis and shorts on. 
Im doing this just for me. Im doing it for the wow, confidence and for a happier me.


2012-12-05 @ 22:52:54

jenkki!!! yks asia, i would die for a thigh gap, mutta! sellasen välin reisien väliin ei voi saada vaan sillee et treenaa ja laihtuu.. se väli riippuu siitä millanen LUUSTO sulla on. kuinka iso väli sun luiden välissä on ja kuinka leveä lantio sulla on. esim, vaik mä laihtuisin 20kg mä en KOSKAAAN tuu saamaan sellast väliä.... vaikka mä kuinka toivoisin! koska mulla on tiny tiny lantio, en tiiä sun luustosta, mut älä pety josset saa, koska lihakset on niin paljon sexymmät ku joku thigh gap ;) but keep up the good work, ja muista että "getting fit isnt a punishment, you should treat yourself with food you love evere once in a while" eli syö yks muffinssi, kunhan se on YKS muffinssi eikä koko paketti :) ni älä stressaa about the healthy eating, i love cheat meals ;) <3

Svar: hahahahhaha :D joo tiiän mutt mull on aik levee lantio (?) nii mun pitäis saada ainaki vähän enemmä gappii ku mull on nyt XD mutt we shall see :) hahahaha joo mutt mull on nyt jouluu kunno panostus treeni et sit jouluna mä herkuttelen :) kosk mä en voi ottaa sitä muffinsii kosk sit syön koko paketin :D hehehhe....

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